Monday, January 2, 2012

The Happiest of New Year's Eves

We started off our New Year's Eve in the best possible way. Double piggy buns.
We got together with friends later in the evening for homemade chili, bite sized pieces of cornbread (just kidding Dave), and Mac and Cheese for the kiddos. Our hosts went all out in the decor department, and I was in awe of their skills.

At 8pm we did a Kids Countdown.
And Grace gave a New Year's kiss to her favorite man.
Then after scriptures and prayers the kids were tucked snugly into bed and then the adults became crazy party animals.
Now, your definition and my definition of "Crazy Party Animals" might differ. Let me read to you from my personal dictionary.

Crazy Party Animals: (noun) those who make lovely conversation, feast on apple cobbler and ice cream, roll their eyes at the MTV countdown, decide to watch the NYC countdown at 11pm Texas time because why delay the inevitable, chat until midnight, watch the NYC countdown again, then pack up their toddler and head home to fall asleep as soon as humanly possible.

That matches your definition, right?

I saved my New Year's Kiss for my favorite man as well.
2011 was a wonderfully interesting year but I am really looking forward to all that 2012 will bring. Also, please do not be deceived by the flowiness of my shirt. It makes me look a whole lot more pregnant than I am.
Thank you Pistorias family for a fabulous New Year's Eve celebration.

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Dyanna Stephens said...

That sounds like a wonderful New Years Eve celebration... and your idea of "crazy party animals" fits in with my description :)