Saturday, December 26, 2009


I've been wanting to post videos of Grace but wasn't sure how to do it. Thankfully, my sister-in-law took some videos of Grace tonight and put them on the computer so i could upload them. The first video is of Grace laughing (after a minor spit up incident).

The second video is catching some of Gracie's smiles.


Thanks for the videos Sarah!

Monday, December 21, 2009


The best part about having Aaron home is watching him bond with Grace.

Snuggy time early in the morning
A little breakfast time.
Waking Grace up and loving the "Angry Awake Face"
and the Dad Couch, best seat in the house.
I love watching them together. Grace definitely has Aaron wrapped around her little finger. Its going to be a sad day when Aaron has to go back to work. Until then, we'll enjoy some more bonding.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Haircut

While Aaron and I were getting our hair cut by my wonderful friend Kristen, I decided that it was time for Gracie to get a little trim as well.

Cutting your 3 month olds hair? Crazy? Probably.

But the mullet and scraggly wisps were getting out of control and I was sick of always trying to slick them back with my hand.

Here are the before pictures (taken with my phone)
So not attractive
Gracie getting her first haircut. It took awhile, she moved her head quite a bit, but Kristen did an amazing job.
The finished product. It looks SOOOOOOO much better.
Its all the same length and cutting it shorter made her hair look a lot lighter
I love it!

Goodbye mullet!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Welcome to..Yes, we went there. Bethlehem. We traveled back in time...sort of. There is a church down the road from us that recreates the nativity scene. They built this mini city and there were shops, tons of people in costume and a variety of Inns. every 15 minutes they would do the nativity. You followed Mary and Jospeh as they moved through the town. Its a really cool experience.

We got together with some friends to go to it.
The Wise men coming into Bethlehem. Yes, that is an actual camel. (I was thoroughly impressed)
Gracie, looked so cute all bundled up.
The final nativity scene. Aaron kept talking about the cows that were going to be there, and I kept telling him that there were no cows but lo and behold there is a cow in the left corner of the stable. Aaron... you win this one...
Thanks for setting everything up Smiths!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Family Pictures

We took family pictures with Jen Wyeth while we were in Phoenix. I've purposely omitted the complete Stringham family (and Barnard family) picture as to not ruin the surprise of the Christmas card. Its all about the Christmas card, let's be honest.

Emma Lou, keeping it classy.
The "original" Stringham kids: Ashby, Kara, Stacey, and Matt
The Stringham sisters, sexy as always? You better believe it.
The original Stringhams
The Men
Mema and Poppy with the grandkids
Taylor, Carly, Grace, Brooklyn, Emma
The Women

Thanks Jen!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lack of Posts

There has been a serious lack of blog posting on my part for two very good reasons.

#1- Aaron. Aaron used the rest of his paternity leave along with some PTO and got from December 6th to January 5th off of work. It has been absolutely amazing. Our days are filled with getting everything done that has been sitting on our "To Do" list for months, Christmas shopping, loving on Grace, and spending time together as a family. This, unfortunately, hasn't left too much time for blogging. But, it has been so much fun to have him here all the time. It makes up for him working all those nights he worked late.

#2- Grace. Poor Gracie has gotten her first cold. Its messing with her sleeping and leaving her cranky during the day. So she's requiring a little extra attention (and some serious nose aspiration). Thankfully Aaron is here to tag-team the situation, but its causing the blog to take a hit.

Hopefully I'll get back on the blog bandwagon- but in the meantime i'll be hanging with my two favorites.

**Special Shout out to Jillian and Andy who had their beautiful baby boy Lucas Henry on the 10th!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 Months

After multiple failed "photo shoots" which mainly resulted in pictures like this:
Or this:
I finally got a few good pictures of Gracie at 3 months
and despite the setbacks, we still had a good time

At 3 months Grace:

-loves to lay on her changing table, kick her feet, and "talk"
-can hold her arms and legs up during tummy time
-gets comments about how she is "so alert" or "so aware"
-scrunches her nose when she smiles really big
-is happiest in the morning (definitely doesn't get that from her mom)
-drools like a champ
-loves to look out and see whats going on
-has a favorite blanket

Happy 3 months Gracie Girl