Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sick of It

Within me there is some excuse as to why I'm not blogging. Some reason along the lines of "too busy" "Aaron out of town" and "lack of pictures." My thoughts, however, can't formulate into words, into sentences, because my ear is filled with fluid and ringing like a siren. The only thought I have is "I'm so over this."

At the wedding Grace had her second ear infection, that ruptured, followed shortly by her getting the stomach flu that ran rampant through the family. As Aaron and I nursed upset stomachs and nausea we found our footing and then I got strep throat. Days spent on the couch at my sister's house in pure misery while Aaron was in Philadelphia. As the swelling in my throat went down and my sanity levels started to rise (bless my sister for how incredible she was). I noticed that Grace and I weren't really at the top of our game. Fevers crept back, stuffy/runny noses, exhaustion. I was in complete denial until I snapped this picture. Taken for the sole purpose to get Grace to smile. This was all I got. Red watery eyes, tired baby. We were sick, again. Pretending not to be so wouldn't make us better.
Does this sound like a trend to anyone else? Someone in our little family has been sick almost everyday that we have lived here. In the past 3 and 1/2 months we have had more health issues than the entire time we lived in California. Its like we're a donor kidney, transplanted into the body of Texas, and no matter how much we try, the body is rejecting us, attacking us. However, we have no plans of moving anytime soon, and I would greatly appreciate it if the body would just leave us alone and let us get healthy again.

I don't want sickness to be the biggest news in our lives. I want to bask in the 75 degree weather, last longer than 25 minutes at church, and not have a super close relationship to everyone that works at CVS. Is there something I'm missing? Tricks I should be trying? 

With all of the pity parties and illness festivals we've been throwing around here, I really haven't taken too many pictures. I wish I took my camera to my sister's house to document just how amazing she was. She took care of me with strep, her son with the stomach flu, Grace, Carly, her new house, and new husband all at the same time. Wonder woman, I'm telling you. But, I did manage to get a picture of the biggest blueberry I've ever seen.
I'm off to blow my nose and take a nap.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Black Tie Occasion? He's Got It Covered

No wedding would be complete without our old family friend. Mr. Nutter. His adoption into our family started with Stacey, and to be honest, Mr.  Nutter wanted to be there to see Stacey marry the man of her dreams.

We had an elaborate plan to photo bomb Stacey and Cade's wedding photos by holding up Mr. N in the background without them knowing. Once they got their wedding pictures back they would see him there and hopefully have a good laugh. 

We got him decked out in a black tie and snuck him from the car in a bag. As we showed him off to other family members and spilled the plans, giggles were had by all. 
(Photos courtesy of Ashby Hatch Photography)
Unfortunately my Dad doesn't know what photo-bombing something means, and he was really excited about Mr. N's presence, so he ran and told Stacey and Cade. Surprise over. Mr. Nutter, however, still got the opportunity to be in some wedding pictures.

After the trek from San Antonio to Dallas, Mr. N made the move Stacey's house, he was looking for a change of scenery. Unfortunately for him, its been freezing in Texas so he's had to don his winter gear. I think he's already planning a trip to Arizona....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It Starts with True Love and Ends with Vomit

This past weekend was a doozie. Both in the "best weekend ever!" and "worst weekend ever..." sort of way. You can't taste the sweet without tasting the bitter, right? Although I wouldn't mind if life was always rainbows and unicorns.

Every member of my family flew into Dallas, for the upcoming nuptials, which meant that we had to drive ourselves down to San Antonio. An initial team, we'll call ourselves Wave 1, needed to leave at the buttcrack of dawn early in the morning so that my brother could pick his girlfriend up from the San Antonio airport. This wasn't your regular airport pick up mission. Matt had found the girl of his dreams and fell hard, real hard. A ring was purchased, permission from her father was given, and Matt was going to propose when she got to the baggage claim of the San Antonio Airport. Wave 1 included Matt, a videographer (my dad), a photographer (me), an adorable toddler (Grace), and someone to run interference with said toddler (my mom). Off we went.
The ride was snug, and the adorable toddler bounced from total crank to cute angel.
We finally arrived, and personally, my stomach was full of butterflies.
Matt waited, checked his phone, waited again, checked again. He picked a spot, and the other members of Wave 1 took their hidden positions
He popped the question
And she said yes.
We love her. The girl makes Matt so happy. I can't wait to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

Wave 2, and Wave 3 arrived shortly thereafter and excitement was in the air on the Eve of Stacey and Cade's wedding.

I wish I could describe the feeling of Stacey and Cade's wedding day. Peaceful, right, amazing. If any of you have had the privilege of knowing my sister personally, knowing what she has been through, and knowing the type of person that Cade is, then you understand how incredible this moment was.
(Photos courtesy of Ashby Hatch Photography)
I have never seen my sister happier, and we are ecstatic to have Cade as part of our family. Not to mention the fact that Stacey looked drop dead gorgeous, I'm just sayin'.
There was a luncheon reception where the families fraternized, ate delicious food and pie, and celebrated the union. We had no idea what would come of it.

Saturday night Grace screamed and cried all night long battling an ear infection that later ruptured. 
Moments of sleeping baby blissfulness were scarce. 
Very few people actually slept that night, and it was downhill from there.

The very next night Grace started to projectile vomit. All through the night. My mom called the next day to say that her and Matt, along with Cade's side of the family did the same. The stomach flu spread like wildfire through everyone at the luncheon. My poor brother's face says it all. It was rough.
A few more people are dropping like flies but most are on the up and up, and despite the throwing up, the crazy amount of laundry, and sleepless nights, it was definitely a weekend for the record books. An engagement and a wedding? Amazing.