Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last Day of Work

Today was my last day at work. It was really weird to be thinking "this will be the last time i do this." We celebrated my last day in style by having a lovely breakfast of French toast and eggs. After which Blake and I went on our LAST walk together. He falls asleep every day on our walks, and today he didn't disappoint. (Side note: Our daily walks outside have given me some seriously awesome flip-flop tan lines. I haven't had tan lines like this since i was a lifeguard.)
Chris came home right around the time that i was leaving, so we were able to take a few pictures.

Rachel, Blake, and Me
Me, Blake, and Chris. Blake wasn't too thrilled with being taken away from his mom.... can you tell? Look at that sad face!
I had an awesome time nannying for blake. It was such an incredible learning experience. I had wonderful bosses who were so helpful and understanding, especially when i got pregnant, and a little boy who constantly kept me entertained. This was the best job that i could have asked for!
To the Zangers.. thank you for everything!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


On monday i had a doctor's appointment, it was pretty exciting. I asked the doctor what his guess was on how much the baby weighed and he said it was somewhere between 7 and 3/4 pounds and 8 pounds. Lets hope she doesn't gain any more weight... I also learned that i am dialted to 1 cm and i'm 60% effaced. Wooo Hooo! I'm making some sort of progress. I know it doesn't mean much but its better than not being dilated at all.

I asked my doctor what his feelings were on induction. I asked because my mom is flying into town and i want her to be here when the baby is born, rather than her just sitting around with me still being pregnant. He said that because i am making progress that next week he could probably do an induction, he would just have to check with the hospital. I was freaking out at this point because i wasn't expecting him to give the induction "green light" until i was past my due date. He said that Wednesday of next week would work best, and if not then he would try friday. I left his office not knowing what exactly we had planned, but i was excited that this baby might be coming next week. Two hours later i got a call from him saying that there was an opening at the hospital on Wednesday September 2nd at 6:00am, and that they were holding the spot for me!!!!!!

So if this little one stays put for the next week then i will be induced the morning of the 2nd!

One week from tomorrow....

Monday, August 24, 2009

38 Weeks

2 weeks left (well two weeks from last Thursday). Aaron and i had a marathon weekend of getting all the last minute stuff for the baby and making a huge Costco run so we don't have to go anytime soon after the baby is born. I'm still finishing up the nursery, and when i do i'll post pictures, i promise. I finally feel like i have a handle on things and now i'm just waiting for this little girl to get here. Don't worry, i'm in full over-reaction mode when anything happens. What was that weird twitch i felt? Is that labor starting? It keeps things interesting.

Someone asked me at church today "How many months do you have left?" haha, i told her i only had two weeks to go.

Do You Bocce?

We headed to Saratoga with the Tolley's and had ourselves some Bocce filled funYou always have to have the "funny face" picture, right?
We also grilled up some mean burgers.
And maybe we people-watched the groups going to Shakespeare in the Park...

It was a fabulous day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Assembly Required

Step One: Empty Contents from box, throw all over couch.Step Two: Read instructions, make sure to look awesome while doing it.
Step Three: Assemble
Step Four: Bask in the glory of the completed seat
Step Five: Semi freak out when you realize that in two weeks (give or take) your baby girl will be sitting in the seat you just built! I can't wait!

(Thanks Sariah and Brett for the seat.. you guys are awesome!!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was wonderful.

Thursday: Date night. (and no thursday is not the weekend, but i'm including it)

This handsome man Plus this movie
And these cookies... mmmm
Friday: Mini-Golf Competition

Barnard's vs.
the Tolley's
The competition might have become heated...or might not have been taken seriously.Saturday: Baby shower with people from church

Very serious business
With lots of awesome stuff given for the little one
Diana, you are the best hostess on the planet, thank you so much!

Two more weekends to go (not that i'm counting down or anything...) : )

They're Done!

Finally, the curtains are done!! Here is the finished product:
I think that all the time i spent looking for pom pom fringe was totally worth it.Thanks again MIL!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pom Pom Fringe Miracle

This is Pom-Pom fringe and it almost drove me to insanity.Diana and I finished the curtains for the baby's room, and i decided i wanted to put pom-pom fringe along the sides to add a little flair. We went to JoAnn's and bought 4 yards of it. It wasn't enough. Later that same day i went back to the same store and the pom-pom fringe had SOLD OUT in the 4 hours that i was away from the store. What? There were like 40 yards left! Oh well. In the 2 weeks that followed, i attended and called every JoAnn's fabric store within 50 miles of my apartment asking if they had white pom-pom fringe in stock. All the stores were out of it, but they had every other color known to man in stock. Did i miss national white pom-pom fringe day or something? I made one last ditch effort today to see if a new order had come in. No dice. It was time to bring in the big guns.

My mother-in-law is the queen of craftiness and she lives in Provo, Utah... the capital of craftiness (okay, that might not be true but close enough). Within minutes of learning of my predicament she was browsing through JoAnn's and found white pom pom fringe!!!!! There are now 2 yards of pom-pom fringe on its way here. I couldn't thank her enough. It was a pom-pom fringe miracle.

I know the minute i get that package there will be white pom-pom fringe in every JoAnn's in california... thats just my luck.

Thanks MIL you have saved my curtains!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

36 Weeks

Last thursday i hit my 36 week mark, here's the hallway picture for you. I feel like i've popped a little bit since i took my last picture, but i still get told a lot (usually by strangers) that i look "small" in the belly department. I can also tell that you are enjoying my non-matching brown shirt and brown skirt, i know i am. Unfortunately that's the only picture that i have taken recently (sorry). But there has been a lot going on. Mostly stuff that revolves around the baby's room (notice in the picture that there is stuff everywhere and a toolbox on the couch... and i'm not talking about aaron... OOOOHHHHHHH... sorry, i'm really bored), church stuff, dessert, aaron's hair, and watching movies/playing celebrity.

I feel like its crunch time to get in all of the things that will be harder to do once the baby gets here. I looked at my calender and thought "We only have 3 more weekends to sleep in and hang out with friends until the wee hours of the morning (meaning until 11:30pm when we all actually get tired and call it a night)." Its a really strange feeling to count down the days until you become a parent. I know my everyday life will be so different in a few weeks and i want to enjoy my time beforehand. On the flipside i'm counting down the days until she is here and they seem to be dragging by because all i want to do is hold her and see her little face. Quite the catch22. I guess i'm trying to live in the moment, and attempting to will the days to go faster so September 3rd will get here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The switch to the new doctor was a success! I am SO happy that i switched. The new doctor is absolutely amazing and i'm pretty sure that he is one of the nicest people on the planet. He actually thanked me for being so prepared and organized with the questions that i asked... What? (i relayed the thanks to my mom who actually put the questions to paper... you're the best mom). The best part about the appointment was learning that I really did hate my other doctor. Here's why:

(caution: serious venting ahead)

1.) I sent a records transfer document to my old doctor two weeks ago. When i got to my appointment today my old doctor still hadn't faxed over the documents. I had to call their office and tell them to fax my file because i had an appointment right then. The lady snipped at me and said that she would only send the basic documents and that she didn't have time to send the whole thing. (UGH fine whatever). Thankfully she sent them over.

2.) At my last doctor's appointment the doctor did an ultrasound to see which way the baby was laying in my belly. I learned that the baby was breech (head up, butt down). My doctor said nothing about it, but i went home and researched like crazy about breech babies and what my chances were that she would flip and what i had to do if she didn't. My main reason for switching was that my doctor never told me what was going on or discussed options with me especially after i found out the baby was breech. I go to my appointment today and sit down with the doctor and ask my bizillion questions, i told him that the baby was breech at 33 weeks and i wanted to make sure where she was before i asked all my breech related questions. He looked at the paperwork and says "Your doctor didn't mention in here that you were breech at your last appointment." i said "What?! Are you sure?" and he said "Yeah, in fact she put in here that the baby was head down." I almost lost it. I know for a fact that the baby was head up... i had a sonogram for heavens sake, and why would i make something like that up!? Thankfully my new doctor said "Well i think you as the patient would remember something like that, so she must just have made a mistake in her notes. We'll check to see where the baby is in the internal exam." I could have kissed him.

(Venting session over)

The stats for my pregnancy progress is that the baby is HEAD DOWN! (its so weird that the doctor can feel the baby's head just by doing an internal exam). I'm 50% effaced, but not dilated at all. I'm thinking this little girl isn't going to come early, but i'm fine with that as long as she stays head down!