Monday, March 17, 2008

Cafe Rio at Home

A while ago i came across a blog that had the recipes for how to make salads at Cafe Rio. Aaron came home the other day with the brilliant idea that we should try to make our very own cafe Rio salads instead of actually going there. We went to Wal-Mart and got the various ingredients, came home, and got to cookin. We started with making tortillas and while those sat (with a cool damp towel) we made the Cilantro Tomatillo Ranch salad dressing. Then we rolled out the tortilla dough and started cooking them (and apparently i tried to look as awkward holding a tortilla as i possibly could. Also note that i'm wearing the same sweatshirt as in the previous post. I promise i have other clothes)
The finished product!!! I was amazed at how well the salads turned out. They tasted a little bit different and next time we're going to put less cilantro in the salad dressing, but they still tasted SOOOOOOOOOO good.
These recipes will definitely come in handy when we're in california and have no access to a cafe rio.

Freestyle Ugly and Shake-face

Our friends James and Tayci came over the other night and taught us a new game, Freestyle Ugly. Its where you stand in front of the camera and try to distort your face as awkwardly as you can and someone takes multiple pictures. Thanks to my handy-dandy camera remote, we were able to all get in on the action. You're about to witness some serious UGLY.
Where did my neck go?
We all decided that Aaron won the game with the Ugliest face as shown in this last picture.
James and Tayci were so kind in showing us their game, so we decided to share ours with them as well. Shakeface is where you shake your face from side to side as fast and hard as you can then you snap a picture mid shake and hilarity ensues. I'm not sure if its a good quality to have, but i found myself being quite good at this game. Aaron says its because i have big lips. Maybe i'm just bound to look like an idiot.
I love how Aaron just gave up in this picture and is laughing at the rest of us. Both Tayci and I look like we got punched in the face, and James looks like he's about to throw up.
You should try these games for yourself, i couldn't stop laughing today as i was looking over the pictures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What the Heck

Alright, so can some of you clear this up for me? For about two weeks i have been unable to sleep all the way through the night because i get up at least once if not twice every night to go to the bathroom. This is a phenomenon that happens to women who are nine months pregnant, and i am definitely not that. My mom has to deal with this and so does my mother-in-law, so is this my initiation into womanhood? It's a pretty crappy initiation. Also, i can't do the dishes anymore without having to go to the bathroom. I have to slam the water off 30 seconds after i turn it on and book it to the bathroom. What is going on?! I mean should i be worried or does this normally happen to 21 year old girls? I just want to be able to sleep and do the dishes without any interruptions. Is that too much to ask?

S.K.A.B Reunion

This Weekend our friends Brittany and Spencer came back to Provo to visit. They used to be in our old family ward (amazingly there was another young couple in that ward!) and we came up with an acronym to call ourselves. In NSYNC type fashion we used the first initials of our names and unfortunately the name S.K.A.B stuck (Spencer, Kara, Aaron, Brittany). Thus the title. They moved to Grand Junction Colorado last summer for Spencer's job. Brittany has come to visit a couple of times which has been really fun. But this was the first time that they both came to visit. we had a little dinner, and watched Idol (which i hadn't watched until now but i'm totally obsessed!), and went to smart cookie. But what would a reunion be without a cheesy photo shoot! Also notice that we coordinate outfits (not planned).S.K.A.B for Life!

Monday, March 10, 2008

You Know You Have Senioritis When...

...instead of doing homework you're watching the National High School Cheerleading Championship on ESPN2. You better believe that's what i'm doing right now. GO! FIGHT! WIN!

Papusa Love

At 4:00pm on Saturday, a group of us who were friends summer semester Freshmen year got together at one of the best places on earth. I have no idea what the name of the restaurant is but it's an El Salvadorian restaurant that serves Papusas. We had a debate about how to describe what a papusa is and the closest we could get is a flour pancake filled with meat, cheese and beans. THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!! Anyway, it was a reunion of sorts and some of us hadn't seen each other in 3 years so it was really nice to catch up and see where everyone is in life right now. Not to mention partake in fantastic papusas and, for some, drink Fresas!I was really excited to see my friend Jamie, who i haven't seen since freshmen year. Since then we have both gotten married and Jamie had a beautiful little girl. I got the chance to meet her husband Rod, who is really nice and really funny, and her baby Lucy, who is ADORABLE.
Look at that Face!! I couldn't get enough. I loved holding her, despite the fact that i woke up this morning with a sore arm (can you tell i haven't been to the gym in a while?).
Later that day Aaron and i drove up to Salt Lake to hang out with our friends the Wrights. Aaron knew Brandon from his accounting classes and i met Alex when our husbands were going through the recruiting process. We enjoyed a fabulous meal made by Alex then played European Ticket to Ride. Not to mention that we got to see and play with Ava who seems SO big from the last time we saw her.
AVA! She's so cute. When you walk by her and she wants to be picked up she sticks her arms straight and shakes her legs. Love it.
Thanks to Jamie and Justin for setting up Papusa Love and to Alex and Brandon for having us over. You all are awesome!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let It Begin...

It's true, i'm officially counting down to graduation. Remember how i said at the beginning of the semester how i didn't want to count down cause it would make the days go slower? Well i'm too excited not to countdown because i have a little less than two months left. Two months until i graduate!!! I remember having two years left and feeling as if it would NEVER end, but now i've already ordered my cap and gown and i can practically feel myself graduating (if that makes any sense). There are some setbacks, however, to being so close to graduation. I find myself CONSTANTLY day-dreaming about how its going to feel once i'm actually done, what its going to be like working in D.C., looking forward to being with my family, and finally moving to California. I'm pretty much doing the opposite of the saying "live during the now and stop looking towards the future," i can't help it! I wish i could just spend the rest of the semester day-dreaming but reality always hits and i still have papers due and tests/mid-terms to take. I'm so close yet so far at the same time.

And just for your information:
we're on our 9th week (0f 15) of school
there are only 29 school days left

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Could it Really Be True?

Random story: i was watching TV when an ad came on for the movie Horton Hears a Who, the animated film based on a Dr. Seuss book. I heard that Steve Carell was in it and same with Jim Carrey, but the main character's voice sounded like Ben Stiller, so i went to to see the cast list. It turns out that it was Jim Carrey's voice that sounded like Ben Stiller, just fyi. I also noticed that Will Arnet (who plays GOB on Arrested Development) was one of the voices in the movie. I clicked on his name to see what other movie's and stuff he has been doing, when i noticed something that brought great joy into my heart. It said that Arrested Development would be coming back (either as a movie or tv show, they didn't specify) in 2009! I almost screamed i was so happy. The only draw back is that next to it it had in parenthesis that it was "rumored"to happen. PLEASE PLEASE i hope its true!!