Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Christmas Rundown 2010

I replaced all strenuous activities and items involving me leaving the house, on my "Welcome Back to Reality!" To Do list, with tasks that I can do while sitting in bed nursing the cold that Grace gave me the day before we left to come home. Who needs clean clothes and food that hasn't expired? Not me. I just need my computer and the Chirstmas cookies I stole from my parents house to keep me company. So, here, ladies and gents, is the Christmas 2010 rundown.

We boarded a plane from Dallas to Virginia

Picked up a cold from the lady who Grace chummed it up with before our flight, despite her warning me "I have a cold." (enter forehead slap here.)

Grace was whisked away by her cousins and enjoyed a cousin filled bath

We stopped by my Grandfather's place to say hello

And then I forced my brother to take another picture of me to prove that the double chin in the above picture was in fact "just the angle" as people were telling me, and not an unwelcome new resident on my face.

After Aaron arrived we went to Nielson's for some delicious grub

And we relaxed for hours at home

We spent Christmas Eve with the extended family

Sang Christmas carols

Played the chimes

And the grandkids did the Nativity with Grace being a Christmas jammy wearing Joseph with a stylish headpiece

On Christmas morning we checked out our loot from Santa and the Grandparents

It snowed (you can barely see the snowflakes, but they're there)

We kept the tradition of opening each gift one at a time

And scored big time in the "I love this, how did you know!?" department

Grace fell in love with the boxes and wrapping paper

 And Grandpa modeled his hip new sweater vest

Amongst many incredible gifts I got a new lens

Which, I informed Aaron many times, gave my pictures a magical quality.

He got to spend lots of time with me and my lens, and Grace too, when his flight got cancelled and rescheduled the for next day. Merry Christmas to me.

After we shipped Aaron back to Texas, we made a visit to my Dad's office

to look sassy

but more importantly to catch up with friends.

We lunched at Five Guys

And were graced with a visit from Al Barker. My gorgeous friend since age 2.

Three hours was not enough to bask in the glory of this lovely lady

We (and by "we" I mean Stacey) packed up the last odds an ends in the car so Stacey and Co. could make the trek to Dallas so she can get married and settle down there. Another Merry Christmas to me.

Saying goodbye to Mema/Copilot

Carly and Taylor buckled in and ready to go

See you in Texas hot stuff

After sending them off, getting ready, and packing, I squeezed in a visit with the ever lovely Kate

Grabbed lunch with Matt at the most crowded Chick-Fil-A on the planet.

And Grace and I were on our not-so-merry-because-Christmas-is-over way.

The Christmas celebration did not disappoint in 2010. And the best part? I'll get to see my entire family soon for Stacey's wedding. Happy January to me..... Y'all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I Jumped On

I jumped on the Christmas train, lights blazing, hair blowing in the wind. Why not? Right?  We took our Christmas picture after church on Sunday before Aaron had to go to work. Tripod, camera remote, blanket on the ground. Click. There really wasn't a lot of time so we only took three pictures. It was a toss up really. But, once the pictures were ordered online, the Christmas ball got rollin. The rest of the week Grace and I spent checking things off of our Christmas "To Do" List.

Hang with Friends and wear matching Reindeer Footie Jammies. Check.
Getting two toddlers to look at the camera was semi-impossible

Make cookies, wrap them up Snowman style, and give them to neighbors. Check.

Bust out Christmas decorations. Check.  You remember Mafia Penguin, right?

Make sure the decorations feel welcomed and loved. Check.

Go see the Christmas lights, and fantasize about living in this neighborhood. Check and Check.

Spend days updating the address list, addressing, licking and stamping envelopes. Check. Question why I thought sending out Christmas Cards would be a good idea. Check.

Update fridge with beautiful Christmas cards. Check. Place cards on fridge in an unattractive and sloppy way. Check. Give serious mental props to people who actually took the time to get our new address despite me not updating anyone what it was. Check.

Christmas shop, wrap, and mail some of the Christmas gifts. Check

Watch every Christmas movie we own, along with Veggie Tales Christmas on Netflix (for the Gracers), and any/every Christmas movie on the Hallmark and Lifetime Channels. Check.

Replace meals with Holiday goodies. Check.

All parties take a three hour nap on Saturday. Check.

Who says you can't throw Christmas together in a week?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Friend or Foe?

Grace might have gotten her friends and foes mixed up. Case and point:

FRIEND: Ginormous shark at Bass Pro Shop. "Sure, I'll climb in your mouth."

FOE: Birthday cake with icing and sprinkles

FRIEND: Random goat at the petting zoo.

FOE: Santa Claus

So, maybe there are some issues we need to sort through. In the meantime I don't think I'll be telling Grace that Santa is going to be breaking into the house on Christmas Eve to deliver presents. Maybe next year.