Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear Carter

I got some disturbing news today as i was talking to Leandra via Facebook IM. Carter had told her that he would stop reading my blog, or assume that i had quit blogging (or something like that) if i didn't make a post soon. I didn't want to lose one of the few people that still checks my blog so i thought i should give him a shout out and explain myself a little.

The reason for the lack of blogging is merely the fact that i have been really busy. Since graduation, i did 7 sections and 3 tests for an independent study class in six days (i took two of the tests on my anniversary), Aaron and i drove across the country, had a car break down (which has since been sold), i started a new job, a new diet, got a gym membership (and actually go), and i've been helping my sister and my mom with carly and taylor. I don't think that i have ever been this busy in my entire life. I'm really sorry for the serious lack of blogging but i hope that you can understand. I'll do my best to be better about it!! So Carter, don't give up on me!!

Minus being super busy Aaron and I are loving it out here. Its nice to spend some time with my side of the family before we move 3,000 miles away from them. I wish that Ashby, Ryan, and the girls hadn't gone to Arizona, but business is business. I'll give more details later about my job, and i have tons of pictures that i can post.

Side note: for those So You Think You Can Dance lovers... my top three at this moment are:

Kherington and Twitch
Chelsie and Mark
Katie and Jason

(and should we talk about Chelsie and Mark's hip hop dance tonight? I submit that we should!