Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fondue Night!

Saturday night our good friends Russ and Aimee invited us over for a wonderful night filled with fondue. For dinner we had three different kinds of cheeses, with a vast array of vegetables, chicken, bread, and potatoes to dip in the cheese. It was sooooooo good! I've never done fondue or dinner before, but i'm definitely a believer. After we had dinner, we cleared the table and sat and chatted with the group. After out stomachs had settled, Aimee whipped up some chocolate fondue for dessert. The chocolate had toffee, and almonds, along with marshmallows and whipped cream. The result was heavenly. However, the chocolate fountain wasn't prepared for such an event. All of the dipping items were cut and ready on the tray, and Aimee and i brought out the chocolate fountain. We set it on the coffee table as people watched in awe. It was on the table for about 30 seconds, when the mechanism that causes the chocolate to spill over the top came dislodged. The fountain slowed for a second then went absolutely insane. The machine went to warp speed and flung chocolate everywhere. Some people reacted quickly and jumped away, others dove for the plug, but of course i sat there staring at the machine. I had chocolate all over my pants and socks, Aaron had some on his pants and his shoes, and Russ had some on his pants. Needless to say, we borrowed some pants, got a load of laundry going and started to clean up the chocolate. You could say it was a chocolate disaster, but we all the it was the funniest thing that could have happened.

Aaron, Kellie, and Jen scrubbing the chocolate off the floor.
Russ pretty excited about the situation.
The dessert fixings, with chocolate spatter.
The fountain, post-insanity
Aaron and I in out borrowed pants. (Notice that Aaron's are Mr. Potato head pants... nice)
Me making an awkward face and pointing at the fountain of death.
Ahhhh finally chocolate fondue for dessert. In a fondue pot this time.
The whole gang: Aaron, Aimee, Me, Jason, Jen, Kade, and Kellie (russ was there in spirit)

Thanks for a great night!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm going to Graduate!

I applied for graduation and paid the 15 dollar fee today, so the gears are rolling. I know nothing is official but graduation is starting to become a reality. April 2008, here i come!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not-So-Happy October

Alright, so the title was a little pessimistic, on a brighter note, we have really cute Halloween decorations! So although October might not be our favorite month right now, we are still festive. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite decorations:

Pumpkins, of course, but also note the FRIENDS dvd in the background.
My Mother-in-law saw this decoration in a Martha Stewart magazine and cut out tons of these paper mice. Thankfully for us, she had left overs! I think they're so cool looking. They startled us at first because every time we turned on the light we weren't expecting it, but we adjusted.
I love this little key, i might not be the craftiest person alive, but thank heavens Micheal's will do all the crafty work for me!

Now that were past the positive, i'll explain why October hasn't been the best month for us. First off, Aaron had his fall break this week and instead of having the time to relax and recoup, he had to spend the entire week studying for a test he's taking on Monday. He's spent hours taking meticulous notes, reviewing the chapters, and going over class lectures. He wrote down so much that his wrist got sore. He walked in the other day and said to me "You know you're a nerd when you have a studying related injury." haha. Before he fell asleep last night he was using a gel-pack heating pad to relieve his wrist pain. Pay no attention to how creepy Aaron's eyes are in this picture. On top of his wrist injury, Aaron has been really sick with a little flu bug. Poor guy. October isn't being very nice to him.
So my injury isn't as cool as a nerd-induced wrist injury, in fact its not cool at all, BUT i had to mention it, as well as take a picture. I was flat-ironing my hair yesterday, and touched it to my hand by accident. The picture doesn't do the burn justice, but it automatically turned my skin a different color, and doing my hair after that wasn't too much fun. Beauty really is pain.
Secondly, on this "woe-is-me" blog, is my schedule. Please notice how much stuff is going on. The pink indicates tests and assignment, and the yellow indicates important events. Here is my schedule for October:
And here is my schedule for November
Do you see the difference? It's like my teachers collaborated on how to make my life miserable in the month of October. haha. Its a good thing, however, that October has most of the assignments, and after that things should get much more manageable (hows that for alliteration!) come November and December.

And lastly, Aaron will be traveling out of town the last week of October (and first week of November), causing him to miss almost 2 weeks worth of some of his classes, (side note: this traveling is for work, not play), and it will be the first time i've been alone in the house overnight. I've been away from him, but i've never had him leave.

Alright, so my venting is over, and i wish you all a wonderful October.

(Note: I send a lot of love to Leandra (wow alliteration all over the place) who i think is 10 time busier than me with school! Good luck babe!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

K and B's Conference Visit

My parents came in town for the conference weekend, and some serious fun ensued. We even had fun cleaning my house together. I know, fun and cleaning don't go together, but seriously... we enjoyed it.

Matt: "Thanks Glamor!"

Mom apparently wanted to remember the hotel painting, as well as get a picture of aaron.

I'm excited about the visit!

The Barnard's

Dinner at McGrath's with Aaron's mom, and little sister Rachel.

Please zoom in on this picture. The cat, Iggy, is Don and Ellen's (family friends), and it is cross-eyed!

My parents at Sunday dinner with My dad's side of the family.

My dad, with his brother, Alan, Sister, Dolly, and his dad (my grandpa), PJ

At the BYU Daily News Broadcasting place.

Me and Andrew Harrison at the Brick Oven Oakton Stake Get together.

Brendan, Me, Big Al, and James ( at BOOSGT, see above for understanding of Acronym)

Watching football. Notice my dad is not looking at the camera. Football is apparently more important than smiling.. haha (love you dad!)

Aaron, excited that the Cowboys actually won after Romo had five picks!

Breakfast at Magelby's. We also look like an advertisement for Cingular/AT&T. More bars in more places, including Magelby's.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shout Out

The past couple of days my parents have been in town and it has been so much fun having them here! Not to mention the continental breakfast at the Marriott residence inn, which is fabulous as always. And although i've loved every minute of having my parents in town it makes me miss all the other family members that i'm far away from.

So here is a shout out to some of my favorite people that i miss TERRIBLY!

Ashby, my mom away from mom when she lived in Utah. The one that cried with me when i went through a hard break up.
Stacey- My step-aerobics and gym buddy, reserving spots and making fun of the women who wore too much make up and thought they were "the bomb"
Taylor- Who is growing up without my permission. But check out how suave he looks with his shades on!
Sugar Ry Ry- I'm still mad that you played the beach ball balancing game without me. But there is still a soft spot in my heart for the love.
Carly- The niece who doesn't remember i exist because i married Aaron, and as far is carly is concerned, he is what the world revolves around. BUT i still love and miss you like crazy!

Emma- also known as the child who looks like me (or did when i was little), has also grown without my permission. but she is so dang cute you can't ever get mad at her.

The Brooklyn- as me an Jillian used to call her. She's my snuggy buddy, and i did get to see a lot of her growing up, but it is happening all too fast!I want you all to know how much i love and miss each and every one of you. Its been hard being away for so long, but i'm really looking forward to coming back to Virginia to celebrate New Years!! You guys mean the world to me and i'm so lucky to have you as sisters, brothers in law, nieces, and as my nephew! You're the best!

And Mom, Dad, Aaron and Matt.... i love you too!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Double Tag

So i was tagged by Jillian and by my sister Ashby with two very similar surveys. So i'm combining them into one fantastic survey that everyone can enjoy!

What was I doing 10 years ago?
i was in seventh grade at Thoreau Middle School, and i was VERY uncool.

What was I doing 5 years ago?
I was in the beginning of my junior year of high school, and HATING my AP History class.

What was I doing a year ago?
Starting my junior year of college, and adjusting to life as an old married lady.

What was I doing yesterday?
Sitting on my couch with a low grade fever, and a nasty cold. WHY? WHY did it have to snow then get really hot?!

5 Places I'd Rather Be . . .
1. Virginia (i miss how beautiful the Fall season is out there)
2. Italy
3. Not in school
4. On a beach somewhere warm (San Diego is definitely a favorite of mine...thanks Leandra!!)
5. On vacation

What would I do with $100 million . . .
1. Not go into debt once Aaron and i move to California (Note: We still do not know exactly where that is yet)
2. Invest it (yes, i married an accountant, and i would NOT be doing the investing)
3. Travel- Europe, Asia, Australia, South America
4. Have a personal chef
5. Get a really nice camera

5 favorite shows . . .
1. FRIENDS (i might like it a little TOO much...)
2. The Office
3. Arrested Development
4. The Late Show with Jay Leno
5. A Baby Story (on TLC)

5 Favorite Snacks . . .
1. 90 calorie Chewy Bars
2. Chocolate covered pretzels
3. Frozen Grapes
4. Chocolate Teddy Grahams
5. Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Cherry Coke (i think it counts Ash!)

Five things I hate doing...
1. Going to school (Just 6 1/2 months!!)
2. Dusting
3. Waking up early
4. Being stressed out
5. Walking to class in the snow

Five biggest joys of the moment...
1. Being in my Senior year of college
2. Seeing my parents this the weekend!
3. Aaron (cheesy, i know, but true)
4. The fact that its October. I LOVE fall weather.
5. Getting my hair cut on Friday! Finally!

5 People to Tag . . .
1. Leandra Stromberg
2. Chelsea Alder
3. Jamie Smith
4. Tiffany Conley
5. Paige Clark

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I've Been Tagged....

Thanks to Carter and Leandra, they have tagged me with the wonderful ABC survey.

A- Attached or single: Attached
B- Best Friend: Aaron
C-Cake or Pie: Hmmmm, depends on which cake and which pie... Baskin Robbins cake and Chocolate Mousse Pie... sooo goood
D- Day of choice: Saturday
E- Essential Item: My pillow. Trust me on this one, i don't travel without it.
F- Favorite Color: Yellow and hot pink. (these were my wedding colors, so i semi- stole your answer leandra!)
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Gummy worms because you can get two flavors in one. The best are the Red and Clear ones.
H- Hometown: Vienna, Virginia. Not quite Austria, but an incredible simulation.
I- Indulgence(s): Watching FRIENDS episodes, and anything thats chocolate.
J- January or July: July, because next July i'll be DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!
K- Kids: not this year, but maybe next year
L-Life is Incomplete Without: Aaron, and my family
M- Marriage Date: May 5th, 2006
N- Number of Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother
O- Oranges or Apples: both
P- Phobias or Fears: spiders, and i don't like when people are behind me and they walk really close. (don't ask, i'm just wierd)
Q- Quotes: Happy Gilmore: "Friends listen to Endless Love in the dark!" Or any quote from FRIENDS, or The Office.
R- Reason To Smile: Being with my Husband, my family, and especially seeing my nieces and nephew.
S- Season: Spring, or Fall. The weather is always perfect, and the trees are beautiful.
T- Tag Three: Stacey, Ashby, Mom
U- Unknown Fact About Me: It's not really unknown, but i can't wait for school to be OVER.
W- Worst Habit: Sleeping in. It causes me to have a really hard time falling asleep at night.
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: This question is lame. But ultrasounds, i guess, because that usually means you're pregnant and thats a good thing, but having an x-ray means you've broken something, and thats not cool.
Y- Your Favorite Food: Salmon from Logan's, or a Cafe Rio salad
Zodiac: Gemini