Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shout Out

The past couple of days my parents have been in town and it has been so much fun having them here! Not to mention the continental breakfast at the Marriott residence inn, which is fabulous as always. And although i've loved every minute of having my parents in town it makes me miss all the other family members that i'm far away from.

So here is a shout out to some of my favorite people that i miss TERRIBLY!

Ashby, my mom away from mom when she lived in Utah. The one that cried with me when i went through a hard break up.
Stacey- My step-aerobics and gym buddy, reserving spots and making fun of the women who wore too much make up and thought they were "the bomb"
Taylor- Who is growing up without my permission. But check out how suave he looks with his shades on!
Sugar Ry Ry- I'm still mad that you played the beach ball balancing game without me. But there is still a soft spot in my heart for the love.
Carly- The niece who doesn't remember i exist because i married Aaron, and as far is carly is concerned, he is what the world revolves around. BUT i still love and miss you like crazy!

Emma- also known as the child who looks like me (or did when i was little), has also grown without my permission. but she is so dang cute you can't ever get mad at her.

The Brooklyn- as me an Jillian used to call her. She's my snuggy buddy, and i did get to see a lot of her growing up, but it is happening all too fast!I want you all to know how much i love and miss each and every one of you. Its been hard being away for so long, but i'm really looking forward to coming back to Virginia to celebrate New Years!! You guys mean the world to me and i'm so lucky to have you as sisters, brothers in law, nieces, and as my nephew! You're the best!

And Mom, Dad, Aaron and Matt.... i love you too!


Mema of 4 said...

I loved your post, mostly because it mentions me (jk). I've loved hanging out with you the past couple of days. I wish we were closer and didn't have to pack so much into so little time. I'm already looking forward to after Christmas. We will have so much fun. Anywho, thanks for being such a wonderful daughter (tell Aaron he's a pretty awesome son-in-law).

staceyscott80 said...

Thanks Kara! What a great post. We miss you so much. I loved giggling with you on the phone last night. It made me a little sad because it has been SOOO long since I last saw you. It will be a year in December. How did that happen? I miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you in a few months.

Russ.Aimee said...

Alright so I finally am getting into the blog thing! I mean i now you love your family and all but I did not see myself mentioned once. I thought we had something special a real connection. Isn't it Ironic. Don't ya think. WEll my dear I love you but condsider this my retirement from comedy. You have left me feeling satisfied! Thats what she said!!! LOL Get back to me or shoudl I say " hit me baby one more timeone more time

Ryan & Ashby said...

Awww....we love and miss you too! And I'm with Stacey - I loved laughing with you on the phone the other night. My sides and cheeks were hurting from all the laughter! Any chance you can stay longer so we can see you around New Years?

Jillian said...

"Hey Kara, let's go see The Brooklyn"- "Ok, and can we make some scobby doo mac n cheese to?" And off we went to Ashby's to see Brooklyn and eat mac n cheese and watch their wedding video... good times goos times