Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not-So-Happy October

Alright, so the title was a little pessimistic, on a brighter note, we have really cute Halloween decorations! So although October might not be our favorite month right now, we are still festive. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite decorations:

Pumpkins, of course, but also note the FRIENDS dvd in the background.
My Mother-in-law saw this decoration in a Martha Stewart magazine and cut out tons of these paper mice. Thankfully for us, she had left overs! I think they're so cool looking. They startled us at first because every time we turned on the light we weren't expecting it, but we adjusted.
I love this little key, i might not be the craftiest person alive, but thank heavens Micheal's will do all the crafty work for me!

Now that were past the positive, i'll explain why October hasn't been the best month for us. First off, Aaron had his fall break this week and instead of having the time to relax and recoup, he had to spend the entire week studying for a test he's taking on Monday. He's spent hours taking meticulous notes, reviewing the chapters, and going over class lectures. He wrote down so much that his wrist got sore. He walked in the other day and said to me "You know you're a nerd when you have a studying related injury." haha. Before he fell asleep last night he was using a gel-pack heating pad to relieve his wrist pain. Pay no attention to how creepy Aaron's eyes are in this picture. On top of his wrist injury, Aaron has been really sick with a little flu bug. Poor guy. October isn't being very nice to him.
So my injury isn't as cool as a nerd-induced wrist injury, in fact its not cool at all, BUT i had to mention it, as well as take a picture. I was flat-ironing my hair yesterday, and touched it to my hand by accident. The picture doesn't do the burn justice, but it automatically turned my skin a different color, and doing my hair after that wasn't too much fun. Beauty really is pain.
Secondly, on this "woe-is-me" blog, is my schedule. Please notice how much stuff is going on. The pink indicates tests and assignment, and the yellow indicates important events. Here is my schedule for October:
And here is my schedule for November
Do you see the difference? It's like my teachers collaborated on how to make my life miserable in the month of October. haha. Its a good thing, however, that October has most of the assignments, and after that things should get much more manageable (hows that for alliteration!) come November and December.

And lastly, Aaron will be traveling out of town the last week of October (and first week of November), causing him to miss almost 2 weeks worth of some of his classes, (side note: this traveling is for work, not play), and it will be the first time i've been alone in the house overnight. I've been away from him, but i've never had him leave.

Alright, so my venting is over, and i wish you all a wonderful October.

(Note: I send a lot of love to Leandra (wow alliteration all over the place) who i think is 10 time busier than me with school! Good luck babe!)


staceyscott80 said...

I am sorry your October is so crazy. How about you get a ticket to VA and come visit while Aaron is out of town and we can play! You know you want to!!

Russ.Aimee said...

Kara. I am totally serious we have a really comfy couch bed with your name on it. Plus while Aaron is gone you are invited for dinner and wii every night. You know I am completely serious!! Love you. P.S Russ said he would come over and massage Aarons hand for him. he he he

Ryan & Ashby said...

I'm with Stace....I think a trip to VA the end of October for Halloween and beginning of November for Emma's first birthday sounds like a GREAT idea. Come visit!!!

Leandra said...

Hilarious post. Definitely made me laugh. Especially the picture with the heating pad on the wrist... CLASSIC.

Our calling is way fun... but I totally know why I am teaching 3rd and up though.... talk about some serious energy!

Jamie Smith said...

I hate hate hate when husbands go out of town!! Rod is leaving for a week when I am 37 weeks pregnant. He is really hoping I don't have an early labor! Burns are the worst. I am sure that picture didn't do it justice. And those mice are freaky, but way awesome. :)

Leandra said...

how are you? It has seriously been a while!