Wednesday, October 10, 2007

K and B's Conference Visit

My parents came in town for the conference weekend, and some serious fun ensued. We even had fun cleaning my house together. I know, fun and cleaning don't go together, but seriously... we enjoyed it.

Matt: "Thanks Glamor!"

Mom apparently wanted to remember the hotel painting, as well as get a picture of aaron.

I'm excited about the visit!

The Barnard's

Dinner at McGrath's with Aaron's mom, and little sister Rachel.

Please zoom in on this picture. The cat, Iggy, is Don and Ellen's (family friends), and it is cross-eyed!

My parents at Sunday dinner with My dad's side of the family.

My dad, with his brother, Alan, Sister, Dolly, and his dad (my grandpa), PJ

At the BYU Daily News Broadcasting place.

Me and Andrew Harrison at the Brick Oven Oakton Stake Get together.

Brendan, Me, Big Al, and James ( at BOOSGT, see above for understanding of Acronym)

Watching football. Notice my dad is not looking at the camera. Football is apparently more important than smiling.. haha (love you dad!)

Aaron, excited that the Cowboys actually won after Romo had five picks!

Breakfast at Magelby's. We also look like an advertisement for Cingular/AT&T. More bars in more places, including Magelby's.


Ryan & Ashby said...

More like More Stringham's in more places....hahaha! Loved those pictures! I wish we were there with you guys. SAD!

Tiffany said...

I love your new haircut Kara! It's SO SO SO SO SO cute!

staceyscott80 said...

Great post Kara! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Mema of 4 said...

So, in the last picture of us (post Magleby's french toast-fest) are you standing in some kind of hole? You are NOT that much shorter than me. I thoroughly enjoyed cleaning house with you (see FRIENDS, Season 6; Disc 2; Episode 7)(and I totally made those stats up, but you know what I mean). Being with you this past week was a blast. Eating any kind of breakfast will not be the same without you. Boo.

Tiffany said...

oh my gosh that sounds WONDERFUL! I love friends scene it! I don't have it, but my sister does, so I've only played once. I would love that! And chocolate and peanut butter! Great great great! We should do it soon! Are you coming to the reunion on Saturday?

Gooch Family said...

Hey! I just saw your page off of Paiges. Glad to see you guys are doing good. This is Heather, we used to play cards, just in case you forgot. I love the cat picture, that is hilarious!