Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Might Be WT If...

Spagehettio's are the main item for dinner, and you and your husband are really excited about it.(So excited that we ate two cans...)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Might be Crazy

I'm down to the final six weeks, the worst 6 weeks so i've heard. I mentioned before that my emotions are going out of whack which makes me feel like i've been sipping on crazy juice a little bit. But i took the ultimate chug of crazy juice the other day...

I switched doctors.

I got my records transferred over to the new doctor's office, scheduled a new appointment, and canceled my other appointment at my old doctor's office. Thankfully i didn't do all of this on a whim, although it feels that way a little bit mostly because i'm on a time crunch.

There had been a lot of little things that bothered me about my old doctor. I kept telling myself that i wouldn't go to her if i got pregnant again while we were still living here. I even asked some girls in the ward if they knew of any good OB/GYN's that they would recommend. One in particular told me about a doctor that worked at the hospital i would be delivering at and he came highly recommended by her aunt who switched to him at 38 weeks. I researched his reviews online and he checked out, but i still didn't think i would switch.

My last appointment with my old doctor was the last straw. She wasn't thrilled that i lost weight, and thought i was gaining too much weight overall (is 18 pounds at 32 weeks really too much?). Then i found out that the baby was breech (delightful) and my doctor breezed by that information like there was nothing i needed to know about it. Finally she let the information slip that the second time i was in the hospital for my kidney infection she put me in there and i didn't even have an infection! I apparently was showing the signs for one and she admitted me just in case. (Couldn't she have given me an antibiotic instead of forcing me to stay in the hospital?!?!). Maybe that isn't a huge deal but i was not happy.

I went home and weighed my options and decided that the only reason i would stay with my doctor would be to not hurt her feelings (not the best reason to stay). I was nervous to send my records transfer paper over to my old doctor, but now that its done i feel SOOO much better. I'm a little late in the game and realized that i would only see my new doctor 4 times before the baby is born. Thats the part that makes me feel like i'm a little crazy for doing this, but its definitely something i feel like i had to do.

Now i just need things to stay uneventful with the baby until i meet with my new doctor.

I know you can't get enough pictures of me standing in my living room/hallway so here's another one. : ) 34 weeks

Attempted Craftiness

With the baby on her way, i've decided that i might as well get in touch with my domestic side and make some minor attempts at being crafty.

First, i figured that with the plethora of pregnancy pictures and random experiences over the last 8 months that i should put a scrapbook together to remember everything. Its the first baby and i'm overly excited, so why not? I have never attempted scrapbooking before and i have learned that its an extremely time consuming extravaganza. But, this little one's scrapbook is coming along, slowly but surely.
Second, when on a budget decorating a nursery calls for craftiness (or at least it does in my opinion). I decided (after blog stalking) that i wanted to have these cute little birds hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the baby's room. By enlisting the help of my crafty friend Diana we found a pattern, picked out fabric, and got to work. After hours of cutting and sewing (shout out to Diana's sister-in-law Kristen for her help) we finished the birds. I'm in love with them. We haven't hung them quite yet, but i'm sure i'll post a picture when we do. Aren't they lovely?I have to say that all this craftiness is WAY outside my comfort zone, but i have to admit that i really like it. Its like trying something you've never done before and realizing that you could actually do it. I was on a crafting high the other day. I have six scrapbook pages done and i made birds... bring it on world.

Diana and i are now in the process of making curtains (pictures to come soon, whether you want them to or not). Watch out my domestic levels are skyrocketing!

Happy Birthday Blake

This little man turned 1 on Thursday. I can't believe how fast the time goes. When i started working he was three months old and now he's moving onto the toddler phase! It was fun to go and celebrate his birthday and watch him dig into his very own cake.

Getting ready for it.....
Mmmmmm and its good!It was kind of a sad moment too because it made me realize that with him turning one i now have a limited amount of time left at work and i won't get to hang out everyday with Blake. I really have been so lucky with my job, to have such a great boss, and to learn and work with blake, it makes me sad that its almost over. But come september, Blake will be started with daycare/preschool and i'll be starting a whole new phase of life with my own little one, which will be exciting new adventures for both of us : ).

I hope your birthday was a blast Blakey!

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Too Many Boyfriends..."

I got hit on at Costco today.... not really, the boy was only 4, but its better than nothing right?

Aaron and i are eating our pizza in the costco food court (as we always do on friday nights) and this little boy a few tables down keeps looking at me. At one point his parents turn to see what he was looking at and we made very awkward eye contact.

He walks by our table after refilling his drink and he continues to stare at me with this goofy grin on his face, so i smile at him. He turns to his parents and says "She smiled at me!" and the Dad says "You should ask for her number," i turn and smile and say to the little boy "I'm sorry, but i'm taken." His mom turns to him and says "Sorry sweetie i think she has a boyfriend," (or a husband... but whatevs)

The little boy frowns and looks at his mom and really loud he says "I think she has too many boyfriends." hahaha i about died laughing. Aaron looks at me and says "I hope not." haha. Maybe thats REALLY how i got pregnant, all of these boyfriends of mine.

I might be 8 months pregnant... but i've still got it!

Nap Time

Last night i slept from 11:30pm to 7:30am (with a bathroom break in there of course), a solid 8 hours of sleep.

Right now its 3 in the afternoon, on a friday, and i can BARELY keep my eyes open.Does this happen in the third trimester? Or is my life really that boring?

I'll be taking a nap if you need me...

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Sweet Taste of Victory

A few weeks ago my family went to the beach (which was lovely) and in natural beach tradition i ate any and everything that i wanted. It wouldn't be a true vacation if you didn't eat more than you should, right? The monday after i returned home i had a doctor's appointment, one that i was seriously dreading. Not so much the appointment, but the standard "weight check" that comes with it. I prepared myself for the worst and secretly hoped for a miracle (maybe all those m&m's really didn't have calories at all). I sheepishly stepped on the scale and my jaw dropped when i saw the number. I texted Aaron and tried really hard not to cry (which is a difficult task these days, remember the ruined waffles?). I had gained 6 pounds..... in two weeks. I was so embarrassed. My doctor kept asking me if i was exercising (which was a yes.. although that wasn't stellar at the beach either), and if i was eating okay. Seriously though 6 pounds in two weeks... how does that even happen? 6 pounds in a month sounds like a lot.

I left the office with my game face on. Bring it on 6 pound weight gain (this comment was directed toward my thighs and butt region). These past two weeks i ate really well. Nothing crazy or drastic, just healthy eating, the way i probably should have been eating the entire time i was pregnant (with a brownie or two thrown in there). I was hoping for a low number on the scale one that would balance out the 6 pounds, maybe one or two pounds. Aaron bought me a bag of m&m's over the weekend because i wasn't feeling very good (he's the best) and i made a promise that i would only eat them after my appointment as my reward for healthy eating habits. I stepped on the scale at the doctor's office and......... i had LOST 3 pounds! I was shocked! I in no way was trying to lose any weight, but i will definitely take that. It rounds my monthly weight gain to a nice even 3. It makes the 6 pound weight gain feel a lot less embarrassing.

I'm going to really enjoy my m&m's tonight : )

Sunday, July 12, 2009

32 Weeks

On Thursday i hit my 32 week mark, 8 months pregnant. Sometimes i have no idea where the time goes. I had a slight reality check a few days ago when i realized that i only have 8 weeks to go until its baby time. Two months, eight weeks, fifty-six days. I knew what i was getting myself into when i got pregnant but now that its down to the wire i'm feeling a little panicky. Maybe its the hormones (which have definitely kicked into high gear nowadays...i bawled my eyes out over ruined waffles), that are making me feel anxious and overwhelmed. But i feel like i have a million things to do and to prepare before this little girl gets here and only 8 weeks to get it done. I'm sure this feeling will wear off soon enough and i'll be begging for her to get here.

Other than that, i'm just experiencing the joys of the third trimester. Back aches, sleepless nights, and watching my belly contort in weird shapes as the baby moves.

Here is my 32 week picture
Its weird to think the last time i wore this green shirt in a picture was when i was 15 weeks pregnant. My how things have changed. I thought i was "showing" then... now i look at that picture and think i look so skinny. Not to mention that now my butt is producing its own baby bump... so nice.32 weeks down, 8 more to go.

UFC Fight Night

The other night we got together with some friends and decided to be awesome and buy the UFC 100 championship fight. I've never done this before and honestly wasn't too thrilled but Aaron and the other boys were so excited i just couldn't turn them down. It ended up being a lot more entertaining than i thought it would be, and the BBQ we had was delicious as always.

Watching the fight
These are our "fight poses." Aaron and Dave look super tough with their smiles...I now feel very well educated on MMA fighting... Thanks for a great night guys!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Fourth of July

A little BBQA little firework action.
A little impromptu game of Mad Gab.
One successful forth of July.

Crib Fest

Aaron and I both got friday off and we were in a "buying baby stuff" mood so we decided to venture out and tackle the chore of finding a crib. Thursday night we found the bedding that we both really liked (50% off at Pottery Barn) so we thought we'd seal the deal at get the crib itself.

The bedding. I love it because its green and yellow (the colors i wanted) and it works for both a boy and a girl so we can use it again. Did i mention it was 50% off?Looking for the crib was an all day extravaganza, definitely not something that i would want to do in the near future. After looking online at a bunch of different cribs and getting advice from experienced moms, we settled on the style and color that we wanted. After going to a few places and braving the insane crowds we finally found exactly what we wanted at babies r us. The best part was that it was actually in stock and we could take it home that day. Special shout out to the Sagers who actually met us at babies r us with their truck after we realized the crib wouldn't fit in our car.

Aaron building the cribI'll post pictures of the final product once the room is a little more put together. I know you're hanging on the edge of your seat in anticipation : ).

Thanks mom and dad for the gift of the crib and the mattress, you guys are the best!