Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake

This little man turned 1 on Thursday. I can't believe how fast the time goes. When i started working he was three months old and now he's moving onto the toddler phase! It was fun to go and celebrate his birthday and watch him dig into his very own cake.

Getting ready for it.....
Mmmmmm and its good!It was kind of a sad moment too because it made me realize that with him turning one i now have a limited amount of time left at work and i won't get to hang out everyday with Blake. I really have been so lucky with my job, to have such a great boss, and to learn and work with blake, it makes me sad that its almost over. But come september, Blake will be started with daycare/preschool and i'll be starting a whole new phase of life with my own little one, which will be exciting new adventures for both of us : ).

I hope your birthday was a blast Blakey!

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The Zangers said...

What a nice post Kara. We will miss you too! Although, just because you won't be working for us doesn't mean we won't get together. Playdates are in our future!