Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

I can't believe that two years ago today Aaron and I got married. I remember counting down the days until our wedding, praying that they would go by faster so we could finally get married. It feels like yesterday when we went to our rehearsal dinner and instead of wearing black church shoes i wore my rainbow sandals... i guess i was so excited for the next day to come that i lost my mind. Thankfully Erika realized my insanity sacrificed her own fashion so that my shoes would match my outfit (thanks Erika!!).

Anyway, so many things have happened in these past two years and i'm so grateful that we've been able to do them together. Aaron, thanks for being my best friend and making me smile every single day. You really do make me whole i can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with you.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Aaron's Graduation

Yesterday Aaron's family and i made the trek up to Salt Lake so that we could watch Aaron walk. It was really fun to be on the other side of the graduation and i was so proud of Aaron (who graduated with honors and summa cum laude... yes i'm bragging)!! Afterwards we celebrated by going out to Tucanos at Gateway which was delicious!! Here are a few pictures:

Congrats Aaron!! all of your hard work finally paid off!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Graduation Extravaganza

Well it finally happened, I GRADUATED!!! I swear two years ago i never thought that i would graduate, i couldn't imagine having two years left. A bizillion classes later and a large increase in my GPA (from the first two unfortunate years) i graduated from college. Its a little bitter sweet due to the fact that technically i'm not done. I still have an independent study that i need to finish, but i should be DONE done with that on Tuesday WAHOOO. Its after that class that i'll really feel like i'm done. But last weekend i got the chance to walk for graduation.

My head is spinning a little bit from everything that has happened in the past couple of weeks. You can tell a lot happened by the sheer volume of pictures on this post! But all the madness was worth it!

First there was commencement on Thursday. Originally i wasn't going to go, but my brother talked me into it and i'm really glad i went. Elder Bednar spoke and i got to sit next to Matt and Jillian, which always makes for a good time. The most unfortunate thing was the fact that it was FREEZING outside and it started to SNOW, yeah thats right SNOW, when we were walking into the Marriott center. Thankfully after commencement it warmed up and the sun came out so we could get a few pictures.Off to the real world!!
Commencement was on Thursday and the actual graduation for my school (Family, Home and Social Science) was at the buttcrack of dawn on Friday morning. The program started at 8am and the graduates had to be there at 7am. It was rough just getting up that early, but the worst part was that we had to stand outside in the FREEZING cold weather for and hour. My hands and feet were so cold that i literally felt sick to my stomach. When we were walking into the marriott center i couldn't even feel my feet. I was stumbling around.. but so was everyone else. The program went by fairly quickly but it was the announcing the graduates names that took forever and unfortunately Sociology was at the end of the list. Thankfully i was sitting next to Jillian and Whitney and we had a great time just laughing and chatting.I love this picture!! Sorry Jillian i didn't crop the guy out. I love the fact that we're dying laughing because the lady said my last name wrong even though i wrote it out phonetically on the little name card i handed to her, i wrote it out BARNERD, and the lady said BERNER.. how she got confused don't ask. But we thought it was hilarious. Love you Jilly!! Graduating with you was the best!Whitney (We had a bunch of classes together and she's Jillian's cousin), Jillian, and MeWith my ParentsWith my Parents-in-lawMatt's graduation was at the EXACT same time as mine, but his was a lot shorter so my parents were able to go to both. It was only after the fact that we realized that we could have walked together... oh well! Here is Matt with his FIANCE!! They got engaged the night before, we're SOO excited for them and we all absolutely LOVE Rachel. They are perfect for each other. We think the wedding will be around August 30th but nothing is set in stone. On Sunday we went up to my Aunt and Uncles house for a family get together to celebrate our graduations. Aaron is actually going to graduate today!! A new post coming soon! We had an oh so delicious Costco cake, i requested getting a flower but i was unsuccessful : ) haha.My parents went into Salt Lake for the Jazz Game so Aaron and i got to hang out with Stacey and the kiddos. It was so much fun having them here! We even watched the entire Spongebob Movie, and i hate to say it but i thought it was actually quite funny.
This is the "not so good picture" of us but i had to put it up cause i really liked it. Love you Stace!
On Monday the girls went shopping at the Park City Outlets, it was fantastic. You can't go wrong with shopping and hanging out with the girls. We also SLAMMED this evil Kettle Corn that my mom had. It was SO dang good you just couldn't stop. By the time we got back to provo there was popcorn everywhere. Thats why it made it into the picture with us.
Later that night my parents, aaron and i, aaron's parents, and matt all went out to dinner at goodwood. I had no idea their food was so good.Before the family left on tuesday we all got lunch (cafre rio and zupas of course) and brought it back to our place. It was really fun to hang out with them before they left and we're really going to miss them.We had to say goodbye before they had to leave because we had to go to a wedding for one of Aaron's good friends. I tossed this picture in here because i liked it. And i want to say Congrats to Brandon and Christina for tying the knot!! Now you need a blog!