Friday, January 30, 2009

Random News

We're moving!
No, not out of the state of California, we're just moving a few miles away. The apartment we're currently in is extremely small (500 square feet of fun!) and quite old. There are certain things that drive us nuts about our apartment: Having to listen to our upstairs neighbors walking around and jamming out to Rock Band at midnight (*i have a funny story about this), the fact that our cabinets have so many layers of paint on them that they can't shut all the way, having our 2 closets and the bottom of our bed crammed with stuff, and the mold that had taken residence in our yucky bathroom. With all of this crap taken into account, we still really liked the location of our apartment and weren't dying to move ASAP. Aaron was perusing craigslist one day and saw a deal for a two bedroom apartment that was only $1275 a month! Let me translate that for you. In California crap is expensive. From everything we looked at you couldn't get a two bedroom for less than $1500, but thanks to the economy people have started dropping their prices. YESS! I went and looked at the apartment which has its drawbacks but is definitely nicer than the place we're in now. I looked at the apartment YESTERDAY, and TODAY we signed the lease. It was completely 100% random and unexpected, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Here's to being spontaneous!

*So here's the funny upstairs neighbor story. (this might be graphic to some, so read at your own risk.) Last night i waited up for Aaron to get home from work, it had been a long day and i was exhausted. Aaron finally got home at 11:30, and we said hello and both basically passed out once our heads hit the pillows. At around 2:00am i start to wake up because i'm hearing this really annoying noise over and over. After a minute or two i'm completely awake and i'm concentrating on the sound to figure out what it is. It was the squeaking back and forth of our upstairs neighbors BED, randomly accompanied by the "sounds" of the two parties involved. Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!? That is the LAST thing i want to hear, and definitely the last thing that i want to wake me up in the middle of the night. BLEGH! Thankfully it didn't last very long, and i was able to go back to sleep pretty quickly. Unfortunately, i don't think i can look at my neighbor ever again. Good thing we're moving.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy Season

WOW my blogging in the month of january has seriously been lacking. There has been a lot of random stuff going on, but nothing that was interesting enough to blog about. Things have slowed down a bit and now i have copious amounts of time on my hands because Aaron just started busy season. He works until about 9 or 10 every night nowadays which definitely sucks, but there isn't much i can do about it . So to pass the time while Aaron is working, i watch TV. Its been awhile since i've gotten really into certain shows, but i've got time on my hands and i am currently LOVING 4 shows.

The Bachelor. The drama, the crazy girls, the over the top dates, and the fact that all the girls are convinced that they are in love with a guy they barely know . I love this show. I could talk endlessly about it. This is the first time that i've ever followed any of the "Bachelors" and i'm loving every minute. My friend Chelsea does hilarious recaps of the episodes, i love it. So if you missed a show, Chelsea will make sure you're updated the most awkward and hilarious parts. The Biggest Loser: I watched this show for the first time all the way through a few months ago when it was biggest loser Families. Now its Biggest Loser Couples. I really like this show because its cool to watch people change their lives. It makes me feel like if they can go to the gym and bust their butts, then so can i!
American Idol: This is a must watch. Its been a while since i've watched it from the beginning, but i am throughly enjoying the tryouts. How funny were the contestants in Salt Lake? All of them saying thank you even if the judges ripped them apart. haha good times.
Lie to Me: This is my new favorite show. Its fascinating! Its all based off of actual work that this guy has been researching for years. Studying how and why people are lying. I HIGHLY recommend watching it. It comes on Tuesday after American Idol.

I might need some other hobbies... : )

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

The young couples in San Jose really know how to party. Thanks to the Siddoway's for an awesome night.
Good riddance 2008. Bring on 2009!