Friday, April 22, 2011

Down the Street

We're moving down the street. A whole 1.7 miles.

Unfortunately we have to get a new internet provider for our new apartment, so we'll be without it for awhile

Try not to miss us too much

We'll miss you too.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Couches

Packing makes me insane. I've been finding interesting outlets to maintain semi-normal levels of sanity. I've watched some of the lamest Disney Channel movies the past few days. Princess Protection Program, not a winner. And what started as a serious search for a couch, has turned into, "what is the funniest couch I could find on Craigslist?"

While the hubs watched (and is currently still watching) the Mavs game, I perused Craigslist and found some serious gems that I think are share-worthy.

Without further ado....

Sometimes I wonder how special couches are to people that makes them think they are worth 10 times more than they really are? For example, 100 dollars is a reasonable price for a used couch that is less than 10 years old. But a used couch that is 25-35 years old, anything above $25 is pushing it. This gem, $100. 

Now if the above couch is $100, then the price of this couch and its loveseat counterpart HAS to be $600, right? You can't find African themed pillows from the 90s just anywhere.

This was one of my favorites. The title read, "Queen Bed and Couch combination." To the seller, that is spelled F-U-T-O-N, for further reference.

 This "custom made sofa" is priced at $500. I will be sure to pass the ad onto Santa Claus.

Okay, purchasing used sofas can give some people the heebie jeebies, especially when it comes to cloth couches. You just don't know where a sofa has been. This ad draws you in by saying that it is a Crate and Barrel couch, and when you're hooked they lay the truth on nice and thick. This couch was used as their DOGS' couch and resting area, and a deep clean would do the trick. I love dogs and this made me gag a little. Please, just throw it away.

And on a final note, people are still unable to move their crap to take a picture.

Please let me know if you're interested in any of the above couches. I'll be sure pass on your interest.

Serious inquiries only.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts are the only things bouncing around in my head this week.

Weekend Mornings

The mornings are our "family time." During the weekdays it's the only time that Grace gets to see Aaron, so when the weekend rolls around, we are all about it. On the Saturdays that Aaron doesn't have to work we always head to Chick-Fil-A. Good food, play-place, and Diet Dr. Pepper on tap...perfection.

On Sundays we go for walks, lounge around, and make brunch. In fact we like 1:00pm church better than 9:00am church. We even like it better than 11:00am church. Feel free to gasp. I never thought I'd like it, but those beautiful, lazy, brunch filled mornings won me over. Not to mention how much Grace loves spending time with Aaron during that time.

 I love weekend mornings. Sunday is making its way up my list for favorite day.

Sticker Books

I really need to invest in a sticker book. Grace goes crazy when I buy new bananas because she likes the stickers on them.

 I'm sure my table would thank me for making such an investment.


It's back in my life. We're moving at the end of this week and the boxes are coming out. A lot of them we never unpacked, knowing that we wouldn't be staying in this apartment. Thankfully the packing process hasn't been stressful but the mere sight of the boxes and chaotic mess of my apartment makes me anxious.

Grace has loved playing in the stacks of boxes and pulling out new things to play with. In order to avoid accidents, and preserve my sanity, Grace has been watching Dora the Explorer. Bless NetFlix.


As we move into our new apartment, we decided to get rid of most of our "college" furniture. You know what I'm talking about, the mis-matched stuff that you accumulate but don't get rid of because "it still works and why waste the money." I love our couch, its unbelievable comfortable and in good shape, but I strongly dislike the fact that its plaid. BOLD and plaid. So we have been perusing furniture stores and checking items on Craigslist. I have literally searched through hundreds of ads and I'm still shocked that 75% of what people are selling is pure crap. I'm not sure why people are asking hundreds of dollars for couches like this:
 And this:
 And this. And I should mention that the seller bought this, and I quote, "A few years ago." Does he know that its 2011 and not 1993?
My favorites have to be the pictures taken with camera phones or without attempts to make the couch presentable for someone who wants to buy it. "Dude, your crap is all over the couch." "Well just wrap it up in a blanket and take the stupid picture!"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Family Affair

My parents are making their rounds before my brother's wedding and they made a quick stop in the Lone Star state. Their visit has been a short one, so we've done our best to make it a sweet one. Tappy's "Just tap it in, give it a tap tap tap-er-oo" Yogurt (can you name that movie?) was our first stop.  Self serve frozen yogurt is the best way to start a vacation.

 "Hey Mema, I found your nose."

 While the men slaved away at their jobs, my parents treated us and the kids to an afternoon movie. Rio, to be specific. It was Grace's first movie theater experience. She totally got the sit-watch-eat popcorn thing down. She got crazy at times and she ran into the men's bathroom, but we survived.

We did a mini-celebration for Mema's birthday which was a few days before they came on the trip.

She now has her very own Race Trac cup for her future Texas (and Race Trac) visits.
 We gifted my mom a Heavenly Chocolate Tootie Pie, from San Antonio. There are no pictures, I was too busy eating it. Let's just say that the name fits.

For her birthday dinner my mom wanted to head to Spring Creek BBQ. They bring you fresh out of the oven rolls. That's all she wanted.
 My Dad is recovering from rotator cuff surgery, you can't even tell (sling aside).

We're sad to send them to Arizona tomorrow, but I'm sure my sister Ashby and her family can't wait to have them.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Craziest

Grace woke up yesterday with the craziest bed head. I guess after the poop/diaper rash bandit strikes in the middle of the night, you nap pretty hard the next day.

Last night we got pounded by the craziest storm. I swear the thunder broke right over my apartment, it shook the walls hard. The rain and hail hit with such force that I could barely hear myself think. When Aaron called to make sure I was okay I had to shout my responses back to him. When I could hear him he told me the tornado sirens were going off at his office. Amazingly, Grace slept like a rock through it all. I ventured outside when things were calm and saw the craziest (and biggest) hail I've ever personally witnessed.
How cool is this hail ball?


Thursday, April 14, 2011


Our lives were filled with them yesterday. First we made them. Well, my sister made them. Warm, chocolatey cupcakes.

 The kids rolled up their sleeves, got to work,
 And bunnies were born.
 But, despite all of the fun had while decorating them, eating the bunnies was the best part.
 On our way home we stopped by Aaron's office.
 Mostly to say hi to the man we love and miss the most.
But also to search for the wild bunnies that hang out in the office's courtyard.
 When she spotted them,
 Can you find the bunny?
 She went nuts
 Bunnies are awesome.

I'm so glad Easter is right around the corner.