Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Goings On

The summer saga continues. So far it has mostly been consumed by Bella, Edward, and Jacob. No these aren't real people, BUT they are the main characters in the books Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse (written by Stephanie Meyer) the world's best books. If you haven't read them you should be slapped then directed towards the nearest bookstore to purchase them. Okay slapped was a harsh word, maybe you should just be scolded then pointed in the right direction. And if you're a guy and you're thinking to yourself "Those are women's books!" you're wrong, I know a guy who has read them and I think he actually enjoyed them. So you have no excuse. I was in a race with Leandra to try to finish the third book, she of course beat the crap out of me. That girl read all three books in four days. Holy crap.

I thought I would update you with a recent picture. Leandra, Erika, Chelsea and I were planning to hit up the Peaks (for those of you who aren't "down" with this phrase it means that we were going to go to Seven Peaks water park). Unfortunately Chelsea and Erika found out that it was closed and didn't open until four o'clock. So instead we met at Leandra's apartment's pool and enjoyed some fun in the sun, we were joined by Carter, then Chris and his friend (Scott I think). It was nice to hang out with the girls and get a tan. Although they did distract me from finishing Eclipse, I am willing to forgive them.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Air Conditioning

WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONING!!!! That's right, it only took four hours and fifteen minutes for the air conditioning technicians find the leak and fix it. I have never loved air conditioning more than i love it right now.

Summer Hangups

Although my summer is full of opportunities to do whatever I want, there have been quite a few hangups.

Hangup #1: Aaron and I have always had to have fans on in our bedroom, and we just thought that the air conditioning was out of balance in the house. My room in Virginia was over the garage, so we had issues with the heating and cooling. We figured that the basement here in Ptown was having the same issue. An air conditioning technician came a week or two ago and told us that each floor in the house has a separate air conditioning unit, the basement level air conditioner isn't even functioning and that there must be a leak somewhere. He told us to just turn the air conditioner off. We did as we were told. To our surprise there was absolutely no difference in the temperature, it has been broken ALL SUMMER LONG. Not to mention the fact that this has been one of the hottest summers in Provo. We now have four fans running all day everyday. So we're suffering and making Aaron's parents pay for the electricity. We're the best kids any parent could ask for. Not to mention the best moochers you've ever seen. Thankfully today he air conditioning guy is coming to FIX the problem. I can hear the angels singing gloriously!

Hangup #2: Ever since finals have ended I have been sick with the most random crap known to man. Last weak I was having headaches and I was really nauseated. Let me clear things up, I'm not pregnant, that is in fact the first question that most people have asked me. So I've spent many a day in my jammies taking tylenol. When those symptoms started to clear up, (a doctor in my ward said that he thought it was probably a virus) I then started to get this RAGING heartburn. It would start whenever I ate anything and it wouldn't go away. I have never had heartburn before but it is of the DEVIL. It is the most uncomfortable annoying pain that has ever been. Not to worry, I went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me some medicine to take for the heartburn. AH, sweet freedom! I can now be comfortable and enjoy summer!

Now that all the venting has been done, to everything there is a silver lining. Today I am grateful for professional air conditioning fixers, and prescription strength Prilosec!

Monday, August 20, 2007

The All Consuming Bliss that is Summer...

Summer is definitely the epitome of bliss. My summer started a little later than most people's because I was finishing up a summer semester at good ol' BYU. School, by the way, is on my list of things that I can't wait for to be over. So inevitably summer started when school ended. I can't even describe the serenity that comes from knowing that for at least a few weeks I have almost nothing to do during the day. Laundry and dishes are always necessary and so is making dinner, which is all fine, but knowing that I can watch TV all day, or sit in bed and read for as long as I want, makes those little things seem easier, if that makes sense.

The only unfortunate thing about my short little summer (of only 3 weeks) is that Aaron's summer started three weeks ago and it ended today. We only had an overlap of five days. It's all good though, Aaron was eager to get his brain back into motion, he likes having a lot to do. Me on the other hand, I could be doing next to nothing for years and be completely satisfied. We stuffed a lot of activities into our short summer together. It mostly involved lots of blockbuster trips, escapades to the dollar theater, walks, naps, and of course fast food for dinner. Short, but sweet.

Today as my summer starts and Aaron's ends, I decided to pamper myself and get my toe nails painted with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. It had been so long since my last pedicure that I had forgotten how amazingly relaxing the entire process was. The massage chair, the foot soaking thing, and of course the 10 minute foot rub. AHHHH summer at it's best. I have already messed up the paint on one my my toes, but it's not about the polish, its about the massage.

Now as I gaze into my schedule for today, I see that I am due for a nap. Bliss.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Not the Smartest

Well, I just read over my last entry and realized that I made a grave mistake. I said that the Bar is something you need to take to get into law school, wrong-o, I think it is the test you have to take to practice as a lawyer. If thats not what it means, then I have NO idea.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Ah, the brilliance of a blog... no, more like the brilliance of peer pressure. I want to first clear one thing up. It's not a big deal. BUT just so you know our last name is pronounced Bar... as in something you take to get into law school, and Nerd, as in the guy who had his Ti-89 on a holster attached to his belt. So to put it all together, its Bar Nerd... but spelled, Barnard. The A tends to throw people off, but i have nothing but faith that this fool proof pronunciation lesson will change your ways! Ha.