Saturday, August 4, 2007


Ah, the brilliance of a blog... no, more like the brilliance of peer pressure. I want to first clear one thing up. It's not a big deal. BUT just so you know our last name is pronounced Bar... as in something you take to get into law school, and Nerd, as in the guy who had his Ti-89 on a holster attached to his belt. So to put it all together, its Bar Nerd... but spelled, Barnard. The A tends to throw people off, but i have nothing but faith that this fool proof pronunciation lesson will change your ways! Ha.


Ashby said...

Don't forget, the Bar exam is AFTER law school, it's the blasted LSAT you take to get in. I hate tests it doesn't matter when they are, before, after, in between, they all suck!

Rachel N said...

Yeah, that's right. I am blog stalking you back to post #1. (Okay, in all fairness, a post from 2007 popped up under your post from yesterday saying "You might like this", so I clicked on it. And here I am. 2007.) I digress. I love that you posted about how to say your last name. Ours is Nay-s-lund, but the spelling is deceiving and everyone says "Nah-s-lund" or "Nahz-lund". It drives me bonkers but Ryan tells me he has grown tired of correcting people. Here's to mispronounced last names.