Monday, January 28, 2008

"We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet..."

I'm grateful to have lived during the time when Gordon B. Hinckley was the prophet of the church. He was so wonderful. I always thought that i would bawl my eyes out when i found out that he had passed away, but i'm surprised by the fact that i'm not so much sad that he is gone but overjoyed that he is now with his wife and back in the presence of the Lord.

I love how he is known as the temple prophet, bringing the numbers of the temples from 40 to 121, and that he always showed that he had a sense of humor. Do you remember when he first had a cane he said that he got one to be like the other prophets before him. haha. And when he bopped Henry B. Eyring on the head with his cane... good times. I'm so grateful for his unwavering leadership and his humble demeanor.

Farewell President Hinckley, thank you for everything.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I apparently took a hiatus from the blogging world, but i'm not even sure why... My deepest apologies. Its been about two weeks and a lot has happened so i'm going to make up for my lack of blogging with one MASSIVE blog about what has been going on.

Aaron and I got called to be temple workers! We had our first day on Friday the 18th. Its all very overwhelming and sometimes intimidating, but we're both really excited to be there. We work every Friday from 3:30pm to 8:30pm, so you should go to the temple then.. haha. We have learned that Friday is date night so there are tons of young couples that come and January is really busy because people make new years resolutions to attend more, yet by march it should calm down. Don't you love new years resolutions?
While Aaron and I have been suffering in the bitter cold... and the snow which doesn't seem to ever STOP, some members of my family spent a week in Hawaii for a dental conference. Needless to say i was jealous. Here are s few picture from their trip. Stacey with the babes.My parents at a luau.Cute little Carly at the pool. Don't you just love her tankini?Aaron had had enough with his longer hair, so he decided to buzz it off. BUT you can't buzz someones hair without having a little fun first.
My friend Chelsea recommended the book P.S. I love you, so i took her up on that recommendation. I loved it! It was different than what i expected, but still amazing and very well written. I spent the less busy days of the first week of school reading it. If you want to borrow it just let me know. I'm excited to see the movie!I don't have a picture for this last thing, but i wasn't quite sure i could put a picture with it. Sunday night Aaron and i were messing around and looking at what is required for other majors, and we were wondering if we went back in time if we could do certain majors. We came across the Home, and Family, Living major and i said to Aaron that i had taken a bunch of the classes listed just on my own. We searched through BYU website to see what it would take to minor in HFL (the actually call the minor Family Life). It turns out that i have pretty much already fulfilled all the requirements and i'm already signed up for the last two classes that i need. so yesterday i went in and declared Family Life as my minor! How random is that? Everything just seemed to fall into place.

That is pretty much what life has been like for the past couple of days! And i promise that i won't take anymore blog hiatuses!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to School

Well, the dreaded day had to come sometime. Aaron and I both started school on the 7th. You can tell it was early in the morning because i still look asleep. I've decided, and slightly forced, to take morning classes rather than afternoon classes. None of the classes i wanted to take fit together unless they started at 9am or 8am, unless i wanted to have one class at 10am and then my next class at 2pm. I'm all about staying on campus for the shortest period of time that is necessary. The upside to taking early classes is that when you get back from them, you have all the rest of the day to get things done. This also includes waking up early which isn't my forte, but i'm learning to get ready for everything the night before and to get to bed BEFORE midnight. I think i might be growing up.

The best part about this "first day of school" is that it's our LAST first day of school. It's the beginning of the end and i can see that light at the end of the tunnel. I've wanted to celebrate and be excited, but i just can't get myself to do it. I think i'm afraid that if i get really excited and count down, that it will just make the days go by slower. Give me some time though, i say by Valentine's day i start getting really excited, i'll keep you posted!

Friday, January 4, 2008

In Virginia

On the 27th Aaron and i flew to Virginia to celebrate New Years with my side of the family. We actually ended up having another Christmas celebration with all of the family since Ashby , Ryan, and their girls were out of town too. It was fun to sit and chat while we opened presents and there was a lot of chaos with the little kids running around. Lots of fun was had while in Virginia, the girls had a night out on New Years Eve and went to see Enchanted. We also watched the movie Psycho on TV only to change channels at 11:58pm to watch the ball drop. Aaron got the stomach flu, poor guy. I went to the dentist 3 times. There was lots of time spent hanging with the nieces and nephew, but the most important activity of the week was eating TONS on m&m's and watching episodes of friends. Here are a few pictures from the week:

The "funny" family picture.
Carly is still in love with Aaron. My mom and sister actually caught her flirting (if 4 year olds CAN flirt) with him, so i have some serious competition on my hands.
Ryan and Aaron planting a tree for my mom.
Carly, Brooklyn, and Emma playing with one of Taylor's toys

Taz is getting old these days, but he's still kickin' it with his mohawk.
Me and Taylor cooking up some sausage
The girls club: (its a long story, i'll post about it later.)
We miss everyone already!!! Thanks for a great week, we can't wait to see you again!

The Mavs Game

Nothing says the holidays better than driving to SLC and watching the Dallas Mavericks battle it out with the Utah Jazz. On the 26th, we celebrated the holidays by doing just this. Although we had nose-bleed seats (literally we were on the last row) it was fun to cheer for the Mavs in a stadium full of jazz fans.Aaron, Me, and Sarah waiting for the game to start.The view from our seats. Yeah, we were really far away...Aaron and I sporting our Mavs gears (and just fyi, my shirt says MFFL, which stands for Mavs Fan For Life)Although the Mavs lost the game, we had a really good time. Sarah and I (with the help of binoculars) saw two of the professional dancers from dancing with the stars, and we even saw a guy propose to his girlfriend with the help from the Utah Jazz Bear. So the game was triple-ly (not a real word, but an incredible simulation) exciting for us!

Christmas in Provo

I have to apologize for my long absence from the blogging world. There wasn't much time after Christmas to make a post before we left for Virginia, and i didn't take my computer with me so all of my pictures were in Provo.

This year for Christmas Aaron and I celebrated with Aaron's side of the family here in good ol Provo. It was nice to have all of Aaron's family in town (minus his oldest sister), there was lots of game playing, soda drinking, and movie watching.

On Christmas Eve we drove up to Ogden to celebrate with Aaron's grandparents, aunts uncles, and cousins who were all in Utah for the holiday. Unfortunately we were driving up there during a snow storm, so it took us quite a bit longer to get up there but we made it safe and sound. After a great dinner, Christmas bingo, a talent show, and gift opening. We all slowly but surely headed back to Provo.

Once we got home, Aaron and i changed into our jammies and had our own Christmas Eve celebration where we opened one gift each and had some sparkling cider.
Christmas morning, we woke up and opened our gifts to each other, then went upstairs and joined the rest of the family for more gift opening. After that we all pitched in and made a HUGE breakfast that could have put some buffets to SHAME. This breakfast also caused everyone in the house to take Christmas naps. The rest of the day was really laid back, and we spend Christmas evening playing games.

It was fun to spend Christmas with Aaron's family this year and to see how they spend their holiday.