Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fondue Night!

Saturday night our good friends Russ and Aimee invited us over for a wonderful night filled with fondue. For dinner we had three different kinds of cheeses, with a vast array of vegetables, chicken, bread, and potatoes to dip in the cheese. It was sooooooo good! I've never done fondue or dinner before, but i'm definitely a believer. After we had dinner, we cleared the table and sat and chatted with the group. After out stomachs had settled, Aimee whipped up some chocolate fondue for dessert. The chocolate had toffee, and almonds, along with marshmallows and whipped cream. The result was heavenly. However, the chocolate fountain wasn't prepared for such an event. All of the dipping items were cut and ready on the tray, and Aimee and i brought out the chocolate fountain. We set it on the coffee table as people watched in awe. It was on the table for about 30 seconds, when the mechanism that causes the chocolate to spill over the top came dislodged. The fountain slowed for a second then went absolutely insane. The machine went to warp speed and flung chocolate everywhere. Some people reacted quickly and jumped away, others dove for the plug, but of course i sat there staring at the machine. I had chocolate all over my pants and socks, Aaron had some on his pants and his shoes, and Russ had some on his pants. Needless to say, we borrowed some pants, got a load of laundry going and started to clean up the chocolate. You could say it was a chocolate disaster, but we all the it was the funniest thing that could have happened.

Aaron, Kellie, and Jen scrubbing the chocolate off the floor.
Russ pretty excited about the situation.
The dessert fixings, with chocolate spatter.
The fountain, post-insanity
Aaron and I in out borrowed pants. (Notice that Aaron's are Mr. Potato head pants... nice)
Me making an awkward face and pointing at the fountain of death.
Ahhhh finally chocolate fondue for dessert. In a fondue pot this time.
The whole gang: Aaron, Aimee, Me, Jason, Jen, Kade, and Kellie (russ was there in spirit)

Thanks for a great night!!!


Gooch Family said...

I love your hair! It looks amazing!

Russ.Aimee said...

Kara! You ignorant slut!!!! Your blog was brilliant. Thanks for the amazing photo by photo action recap! Get babnab up and running so we can have a bound record of this historical event ... framed...mounted on our we may remember it always and keep it near and dear to our hearts!! P.S. we only play by the rules and if you don't listen to the rule giver then you need to take an envelope opener and shove it through your skull!!! K.I.S.S

Chelsea said...

I really like Aaron in those pants... looks really good. I really like your hair too. It looks really COOL!

Mema of 4 said...

I LOVED the description of your fondue gone wrong party. It was hilarious!!!!! I think I would LOVE to have chocolate thrown at me.