Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was wonderful.

Thursday: Date night. (and no thursday is not the weekend, but i'm including it)

This handsome man Plus this movie
And these cookies... mmmm
Friday: Mini-Golf Competition

Barnard's vs.
the Tolley's
The competition might have become heated...or might not have been taken seriously.Saturday: Baby shower with people from church

Very serious business
With lots of awesome stuff given for the little one
Diana, you are the best hostess on the planet, thank you so much!

Two more weekends to go (not that i'm counting down or anything...) : )


The Harrisons said...

I love how you can't see my face in the baby shower picture! I had a lot of fun!

Shannon said...

I'm sad I missed the shower; I'm always missing those fun events :(. Glad you got lots of adorable tidbits for the little babe, and glad you had a fun weekend. What? Two more weekends? No way! We have a friend here who is due on the 1st; I think of you every time I see her.

Jamie said...

looks like a fun group of girls! and that is what we are doing tonight after we get little missy to bed...watching 17 again!

Ashby said...

LOL, I almost didn't recognize you in that one shower picture! And I would have had no idea Kate was there unless she said something. Looks like you guys had a great time! Can't wait for Gracie to get here!

drewcoons said...

2 more weeks! That is SO exciting! I love that your ward has so many cute young mom's/girls/ladies. So fun.... once again, Jilly posting under Mr.A