Tuesday, August 11, 2009

36 Weeks

Last thursday i hit my 36 week mark, here's the hallway picture for you. I feel like i've popped a little bit since i took my last picture, but i still get told a lot (usually by strangers) that i look "small" in the belly department. I can also tell that you are enjoying my non-matching brown shirt and brown skirt, i know i am. Unfortunately that's the only picture that i have taken recently (sorry). But there has been a lot going on. Mostly stuff that revolves around the baby's room (notice in the picture that there is stuff everywhere and a toolbox on the couch... and i'm not talking about aaron... OOOOHHHHHHH... sorry, i'm really bored), church stuff, dessert, aaron's hair, and watching movies/playing celebrity.

I feel like its crunch time to get in all of the things that will be harder to do once the baby gets here. I looked at my calender and thought "We only have 3 more weekends to sleep in and hang out with friends until the wee hours of the morning (meaning until 11:30pm when we all actually get tired and call it a night)." Its a really strange feeling to count down the days until you become a parent. I know my everyday life will be so different in a few weeks and i want to enjoy my time beforehand. On the flipside i'm counting down the days until she is here and they seem to be dragging by because all i want to do is hold her and see her little face. Quite the catch22. I guess i'm trying to live in the moment, and attempting to will the days to go faster so September 3rd will get here.


Mema of 5 said...

You look so good! Thanks for pointing out the brown differences in your shirt and skirt. You have so much you want to do and I just want to get out there before anything happens. Yikes! Keep her in there until September.

Chelsea said...

I think you can still hang out with people who have little babies. We hang out with people with tiny babies all time time! That baby will just sleep wherever she goes.

Diana said...

I like how one of the things keeping you busy is dessert...awesome!

Jillian said...

You look awesome! I hope I look that good at 36 weeks! No Relief Society arms for you, yippee!!!!!

I can't wait to see/meet you're little one!!