Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things We Love About Christmas 2011

Traveling to Utah (and making all our connecting flights)
Playing with Aunt Rachel in the snow.
Playing with the snow, until realizing the snow and bare hands aren't a good mix then crying and begging to have your hands in warm water.
Beautiful, gorgeous mountains.
Cafe Rio (and maybe eating there three times...)
Free kids quesadillas at Cafe Rio
Visiting Diana
Finally getting all of the girls together. Grace, Ella, Brooklyn, and Audrey.
Realizing that Grace finally grasps the concept of a funny face picture. I couldn't have been more proud in this moment.
Running to Chick Fil A with a car full of kids
Waving to the Chick Fil A cow and literally throwing French fries to the back of the van for the girls.
Learning to play Tetris on the GameBoy.
Magelby's French toast with butter syrup. Mmmmmmmm.
Drawing with Aunt Sarah.
Laughing hysterically while playing Balderdash. Favorite made-up definitions:
Scurfer: A southern term for "What are you scared for?" (written by Aaron)
Slumboes: A slumber party for young boys. (written by Joe)
Doing the Nativity on Christmas Eve
Setting up all Nativity pieces in a chorus line rather than the usual spots.
Setting out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer.

Being awesome at making gingerbread people.
Muumuu lady- Kara; Surfer dude- Rachel; Sumo Wrestler: Aaron
Getting out butts kicked by Grandee in a Christmas Eve game of Phase 10
A brotherly fu-man-chu shave party with matching shirts.
Lunch with Great Grandma Shirley
Searching for her hidden Scooby Doo. Seriously, where are you?
A Grace and Grace reunion

Seeing all the airplanes.
A champion flying companion. (and stickers and iPhones making it possible)
We had an incredible time with Aaron's family in Utah this year celebrating Christmas. It was the perfect way to send 2011 out with a bang.


Rebecca said...

I love the funny face pic!!

Diana said...

I love how Ella's looking at you in the funny face picture, I think we need to work on our own funny faces! And I also love looking at your blog and seeing pictures of us hanging out...that's how it always should be, miss you!

Rachel said...

Now that I don't live in Utah any more, I wanted to cry looking at the mountains, Cafe Rio, and Magleby's...sigh. SUPER cute pictures - so glad you guys had such a great Christmas! My personal fave might be your amazing gingerbread people.

Shannon said...

oh, it's so good to see two of my favorite people in the same spot! SO glad you got to visit with Diana! Did Gracie and Ella remember each other? I can imagine their reunion :). Looks like it was a fabulous trip.