Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Christian was born with a full head of hair. The back was more lush but the top had it's fair share as well. I looked forward to the days and weeks of normal hair, and smiled at the thought of not having to bring my hair cutting shears off of the shelf after I had retired them due to the Justin Beiberizing incident
But as the days drifted on, so did his hairline, and he lost all the hair to the crown of his head.
I shouldn't have been surprised since his genetic code had "baby receding hairline" written all over it. My Dad rocked the look way back in the day,
And so did Aaron.
More recently was Grace. Her hairline was identical to the one that Christian started rocking.
Christian had new hairs growing in.
However, the blond baby hairs had no effect on his Mr. Clean-ness.
I remember thinking when I got Grace's haircut at 3 months, that it was ridiculously early to be cutting my child's hair. At a mere 7 weeks I was itching to cut Christian's but still felt totally crazy for doing it since he was only 7 weeks old.

One fateful Friday, I decided to go for it. I took some before pictures.

I got the clippers out and found the shortest plastic covering and got to work. I was surprised by how much hair I actually cut off, and I definitely left patches all over the place (I had zero desire to subject my poor baby to more haircutting in order to fix them), but I was pleased with the results. Even hair all the way around.
I then sent a picture out to Aaron informing him of Christian's new 'do.
The haircut made him look so different to me and I found myself staring at him trying to take in his new "look." Despite the difference I was so glad that I cut it, and I will admit, all of the "he looks like an old man" comments totally stopped.

I love my little buzz cut boy.


Ryan said...

As you know, I am a total fan of the buzz although I think Christian can rock the re-ceding hairline like non of my babies ever have. It's amazing to me how much a difference a tiny bit of hair has on their overall "look"

Ryan said...

That was Diana...not Ryan, sorry!

Dyanna Stephens said...

You are so brave to cut your kids hair so early. I was terrified and lil John didn't get his first haircut until he was 18 months old and Haylee (at almost age 3) still hasn't had a haircut yet.

Rachel said...

Sorry if it's weird that I'm commenting on your blog and I don't know you - but I just had to say that your kids are seriously adorable. That buzz cut is just too cute. And I really love the way you blog, by the way :)