Thursday, September 20, 2012

Birthday Blessing Weekend Extravaganza- Part 2

Sunday, September 2nd, was Grace's actual birthday. However, because that was the day we were blessing Christian, we decided to celebrate her birthday on September 1st.

The day started out in standard birthday fashion: balloons covering the living room floor. Did I mention that my baby is three? THREE! When on earth did that happen?
She opened a few gifts from Mema and Poppy. Bed-head was in full force.
 Then it was a trip to the donut place for donuts with "Pink frosting with sparkles," according to Grace. Grandee and the birthday girl.
 Eating the actual donut part is totally optional
 Hi Papa.
 After we got ready for the day we all headed up to the big mall to meet up with Stacey, Cade, and the kids for Chick-Fil-A (what else?) and a carousel ride.

Christian got a picture with his two Grandpas and we called this group the "Chrome Dome Trio."
 We all made it home for naps and meal prep and then headed to the pool for a BBQ
 Christian getting some love from Phoebe
 We dipped Christian in the pool for the first time and he was definitely not a fan. The water was super warm, but I guess it just wasn't his style. He required some love from Stacey to recover from the unfortunate water dipping experience.
 Love this Phoebe.
Aaron passed on his Kabob grilling duties to the other men so that he could head to the airport to pick up Trey. Trey Clark meeting Christian Clark for the first time.
 We headed inside for presents and cake. I honestly don't think we have ever had so many people in our apartment before. It was blissful chaos.
 We ended the night with Grace's favorite part. She has been talking about her "Party Cake" for months. We went to Costco together so that she could pick out which cake she wanted. She was thoroughly disappointed when we couldn't take it home with us when we ordered it. Finally it was time for her party cake.
She requested to eat the blue balloon. I'm pretty sure it was the only part of the cake that she ate. And unfortunately it led to her spitting up blue in her bed that night, and I think it dyed all of her insides blue.
But overall, her birthday was a success. An entire day to love on a spoil my girl.


Diana said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl. I can't believe she's three either, we need to not live so far apart so that I can catch some of her growing up, she's such a cute girl! And I love blissful chaos, it's the best!

Now...A Family of Four said...

Chrome dome trio, that's stinkin' hilarious!!

Rachel said...

How can she be 3 already??? That means our little Janie is right behind her. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I feel like we were just getting those little girls together for a picture at Grandpa's funeral. Happy Birthday Grace!

Erin Field said...

Happy Birthday Grace! What a cute little 3 year old.