Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aaron's Birthday

I have learned through the years, and it has taken me years, that Aaron truly would love nothing more than a low key celebration when it comes to the anniversary of his birth. He doesn't like to draw attention to himself, and he would rather relax and take it easy than throw a party. Usually I choose not to believe him when he tells me this and I try to make it a big deal, but I finally got it into my head that he honestly doesn't care. So we truly kept things low key.

Although his birthday fell on a Saturday this year, Aaron was still in the throes of busy season and had to go into work. We partied, mellow style, once he got home. Dinner out, presents, and cheesecake.
Grace made sure that Aaron was told Happy Birthday, enough times that the day felt special. She gasped every time she looked at the signs we hung up, "Thats Daddy's Happy Birthday!!" and "Presents for Daddy's Happy Birthday!!"
Happy 28th Birthday Aaron!

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