Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's Day

Or should I say ValentiMe's Day? Grace tosses the M in there, and I like the way she says it.

We started our day off with Valentime's baskets. Eerily similar to Easter baskets (I never claimed to be the most creative person in the world). Each full with our favorite candy. Grace got a few extra gifts from us and from her Grandparents. Aaron spoiled me with a People magazine, DDP, and Reese's peanut butter cups (the man knows me so well). 

Do you want to take any wild guesses as to where I told Aaron I wanted to eat dinner? I have only vowed my deep and passionate love for this place many a time. Swooning over sauces and greasiness. I'm thinking that they should start paying me to say these things (Am I right?). Wing Stop, people. I'm about two chicken tenders doused in buffalo wing sauce away from an intervention. I wonder if it will taste as good when I'm not pregnant. So, although it wasn't Friday, the special occasion warranted a special trip. We even dressed up to go, just to keep things on the classier side.
It was a Valentime's success, and since no one celebrates their day of love by eating wings, the place was empty. No crowd on Valentime's Day? Thank you very much.


Heather Teuscher said...

Let me know how the wing thing works out, I just bought an entire Costco cake this week bc when I was pregnant I had a slice of their cherry chocolate cake at a wedding and swore it was the best thing I have ever tasted. My birthday is in a week so I justified the purchase, turns out it is just a Costco cake with canned cherries.... Good but not the best thing I have ever eaten:) pregnancy is crazy!!!

Shannon said...

WAIT. Hold this post. Grace can actually SAY "Valentime"? I'm thinking you should probably put a video up so I can see this child, because to me, she is still itty bitty Gracie Kate, and it blew.my.mind that she is talking (although, reasonably and rationally I know she totally is, I just simply cannot wrap my mind around it).

Ashley said...

KB you slay me! I so knew you were going to say Wing Stop! Gonna start calling it KB's. We are, however, currently crushing on the Stop thanks to your kind dinnertime donation the other night. Could seriously drink the bleu cheese sauce!

Jamie said...

You crack me up. I'm going to Wing Stop ASAP, haha!