Saturday, March 27, 2010

Broken Record

I feel like a broken record. Like I'm writing the same posts over and over.

However, in this case, I feel that its justified because it completely and utterly boggles my mind. I don't know what kind of baby I expected to have, but I can tell you I wasn't ready for this.

Grace is turning out to be a very daring and mischievous child. I do the whole "I turned my back for two seconds!" bit more often than a parent of a 6 month old ever should.

Exhibit A: The Exersacuer
Apparently the bottom half is just as fun as the top half
Exhibit B: The Chair.
I really should stop putting her in this chair. I'm not sure what I'm thinking will happen, maybe she'll magically stay put one day, but that never is the case.
Exhibit C: The bumbo
I always wondered what happened to cause this label to be put on the Bumbo.
We use the bumbo to feed Grace solids. I put her in her chair turned around to get her bib and I hear a very soft thud sound. This is how I found Grace.
(My heart was racing while I was taking this picture)
I now understand why that warning was put on the bumbo. Grace, however, enjoyed her escape.
I'm thinking a high chair with heavy duty straps is in our near future.

To end on a happy note, here is a hilarious picture of Grace. She is a crack up.


Gooch Family said...

You have SERIOUS wiggle monster on your hands! She is GOOD! You think it's bad now, wait until she is around a year, church will never be the same and you will hate going every week. Oh I dread Sundays when they reach the wiggle/run everywhere days and you spend the entire time in the hallway. They get more and more fun as each month passes, but Sunday from 11 months to 19 months is killer, ha.

DoubravaFam said...

She's so stinking cute!!

Shannon said...

Grace is quite the escape artist. I bet your heart WAS racing when you heard that thud in the bumbo picture...I love how she is just happy as a clam, as if she has no idea what she just put her mother through! Meh, it's good for you to stay on your toes, right? :)

Angela and Mike said...

haha. oh my gosh, she is the COMPLETE opposite of my Colton who literally at 11 months could not even move 2 inches. haha. I could take a nap while he watched a movie and when I woke up, he hadn't moved an inch.

She looks so proud of herself in all those pictures, it cracks me up!

The Mostess said...

Naughty, naughty! She's a handful!But a very cute distraction @ church.

Tiffany said...

SO FUNNY! She is too cute! I can't believe how good she is about getting out of stuff! Brooklyn never did that! She has such a cute smile though in that last picture.

I'm still laughing about the bumbo.

Rachel said...

You seriously crack me up, and I'm pretty sure Grace is going to turn out just like her mom :)

Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

Ya, we have that same purple Bumbo and I too heard a thud one day. Unfortunately, Elizabeth had gotten out of the Bumbo, onto the table and then onto the tile floor below. I hadn't seen the warning or thought anything of leaving her in the Bumbo on the table. What an awful memory. Thankfully she was fine. Grace sure is a cuite. So sorry to hear about your Grandma. I love that picture of you two dancing/hugging. Very sweet.