Friday, November 2, 2007

Who Dunnit?

One cold and dreary night millionaire, Rick Rochester, was murdered! There are eight suspects to the murder, all of which have motive, but no investigation will be done until the will has been read to those closest to him. At the reading of the will, things might get a little heated, accusations will be made, and some might even kill for the inheritance.Chelsea and Burke held a murder mystery at the Alder cabin for Halloween. I have never done one before, but it was a lot of fun and i would definitely do it again. Here is a list of the real names of the people, and the characters that they played:

Burke- Reilly Ravish- Lawyer to Rick Rochester
Chelsea- Allison Rochester- Daughter of Rick and Jasmine Rochester, sister to Elizabeth Rochester
Carter- Geoffry Worthers- Butler to Rick Rochester, Husband of Josephine Worthers, and father of Neal Worthers
Leandra- Jessica Rochester- Ex-wife of Rick Rochester
Chris- Fabio fabulous- Pool boy for Rick Rochester
Erika- Jasmine Rochester- Widow of Rick Rochester
Brittany- Elizabeth Rochester- Daughter of Rick and Jasmine Rochester, sister to Allison Rochester
Adam- Neal Worthers- Chauffeur to Rick Rochester- Son of Josephine and Geoffry Worthers
Kara- Josephine Worthers- Maid for Rick Rochester- Wife to Geoffry Worthers, Mother of Neal Wothers
Aaron- Bob Bucks- Accountant to Rick Rochester

It was great to accuse people of things, try to pay people for information (despite the fact that i had no idea what i was doing and was pretty much throwing my money away), and although my character died (sorry if i ruined anything), i got to play the detective, and accuse the person who murdered me. If you have never done a murder mystery, i highly recommend it!

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