Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let the Celebration Begin

In my mind the day after Thanksgiving is the day that Christmas celebrating begins. Aaron and i got a really good deal on a Christmas tree at target and decided to buy it. We didn't have a Christmas tree the first year we were married so we're newbie's to the tree situation. The whole time that we have had it (about a week) i've wanted to put it up, due to the fact that the tree increased my Christmas excitement levels. Finally the day after Thanksgiving, when celebrating is allowed to start, we put up our tree!!

The before picture:The building process: (please note the fact that i look like a tired old woman. This is because i rolled out of bed and started working on the tree. I'm not even sure if i'm completely awake in this picture. Decorations are the most important part of my day, who needs breakfast?!)
THE FINISHED PRODUCT!! Aaron's mom had the star on layaway, and said that we could use it, score for us! There are also only 3 ornaments on our tree: two that Aaron and i got in our stockings last year, and one really cute Santa ornament that my grandparents gave to us. Aaron's mom has been ever so kind because she's giving us all her christmas stuff that she doesn't want or need anymore. She gave us these clear ball ornaments, and we spent part of tonight shredding red tissue paper and putting the paper inside the balls, we're a very hip and cool couple to hang out with.
I'm so excited to get more into the Christmas season. I've started listening to all the stations that play Christmas music, and i want to watch all of the Christmas movies we own. Too bad i have to take finals in a few weeks.. But we shouldn't let that damper the Christmas spirit! Aaron and i are also thinking of starting a Christmas cd collection. Any suggestions?


Mema of 4 said...

The Home Alone CD is my favorite. I also like the Grinch CD. And, the CD we always play when we are opening the Christmas stockings (it has a name, I just can't remember it). I LOVE your tree and I found a few of your ornaments to add to it (the yellow sled comes to mind). I'll send you out a package once I've dug out from under our Christmas decorating mess.

Tiffany said...

I know... I am so excited also! Ryan's parents were here this weekend so we didn't have enough room for their blow-up bed and the christmas tree. They left this morning... so tonight! Tonight the christmas tree is going up!

Rachel said...

The tree definitely meets my expectations after hearing all about it. I love the 3 ornaments! But not as much as you barely awake putting it all together...Hm Christmas music is my favorite! I would have to agree with the previous comment of Home Alone. Also, Amy Grant's original Christmas cd is a classic, and I'll admit how big of a geek I am, I like the 98 degrees Christmas album. I have tons if you need some to start your collection!