Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Coincidence? You Be the Judge

As mentioned in a previous post, i went with Aaron's side of the family to dinner and a movie for FHE. Aaron couldn't come because he had a Monday night class. This is the setting.

Hours earlier, Aaron spent many hours, okay maybe 1 or 2, figuring out a budget if we were to live on his salary alone. With living in California, rent will be expensive, taxes pretty much strip all the hope you might have for a normal life, so we were running on a bare bones budget in order to get through the first year. One of the most important things to budget in, Aaron's dad told us, are the things you are expecting to happen, like car accidents. All of these things were taken into consideration. (Just a note: this budget doesn't take into account the salary i'll be bringing in the first year.)

So while we, the Barnard family, are at Taco bell getting our grub on we get a call from Aaron, saying that he has a completely flat tire and is in rush hour traffic. Aaron's dad talks him through a few things. Aaron calls the highway patrol-men, to get help. Only to realize before the patrolman comes (which takes an hour and a half for the guy to get there), that he doesn't have an allen wrench to get the lug nuts off. So Marc, is enlisted, He comes to save the day. After a million trips to Lowe's, and many returns because the parts weren't right, Marc goes home, and Aaron gets the help of Jeremy. Only to have none of the tools Jeremy brought fit. Finally, Aaron's dad drives up, and helps aaron put-put the car to the closest Les Schwab for repair. They are of course closed, so aaron has to go up there in the morning to tell them what needs to be done. Finally at midnight Aaron and his dad come home. A simple tire change which should take 15 minutes, took 7 hours total, to deal with.So is it coincidence, or not, that the same day we make a budget, an unexpected "car accident" occurs? Hows that for an application lesson! "It's always important to budget for the unexpected, because that very same day, you can have a little something rip your tires to shreds on the highway, causing you to have to pay for the repairs!" haha.

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Leandra said...

Is it a coincidence that I saw Evan today? Nope. I was inspired by you.

Right now I am going to shoot for Friday around 2. Sounds good? I'm really excited.