Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving, Aaron and i stayed in Provo to celebrate with Aaron's family. It's their first Thanksgiving after living in Hong Kong for 5 years. It was soo fun, and really laid back. I even had the chance to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, and i was lucky enough to catch a few parts of the dog show that followed. haha! The food was delicious, and we spent the rest of the night playing cards and watching a Hannah Montana marathon. haha.
Preparing the delicious feast for which we did partake of that glorious day..
The MEN and Rachel celebrating thanksgiving the way the male pilgrims did, by watching football.
Sometimes i pretend that i'm a photographer... Even though this picture isn't technically sound, i still thought it was cool
I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday as much as we did. Happy Thanksgiving!

Now bring on Christmas!!

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Mema of 4 said...

I like your foot picture. Are those Aaron's and Matt's feet on either side?