Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tag Fest 2k7

Here are six things that you may or may not know about me

1. My favorite TV show is FRIENDS. I have seen every episode at least 5 times, and i often use quotes from the show and apply them to situations. haha, if you know me, then you have experienced this. My parents/ "Santa" gave me the set of all ten seasons for Christmas last year, i'm pretty sure it was one of the best gifts i have ever been given.
2. I found out that i actually enjoyed reading while i was in college. I used to hate reading and i never understood why other kids would read, especially over the summer. My mom introduced me to Nicholas Sparks books. They were amazing, and i think i read four of them in a span of a few months. I have loved reading ever since. My favorite things to read are series books like Harry Potter, the Stephanie Plum series, and of course, the Twilight series. But i'm also partial to authors like Nicholas Sparks, Janet Evanovich, Ann Brashares, and Meg Cabot. Also, if you have any book recommendations PLEASE send them my way!
3. When i was younger i always said i would marry a dog person. I ended up marrying a person who is allergic to dogs. Oh the sacrifices that we make for love! ha.

4. Ive seen my sisters wedding video at least 25 times. Seriously, you think i might be kidding but i'm not. I would even make other people watch it even if they didn't want to!! haha sorry Leandra and Jillian. I'm not even sure why i watched it so much, i just liked it i guess.

5. I love People magazine, i could read it for hours. Whenever i go back to my parent's house, i catch up on my People magazine because my mom has a subscription6. I don't like when people walk too close behind me, it's like human tailgating! Why do some people find it necessary to get so close. Go around me at a normal distance!

Tag: Ashby Hatch, Tiffany Conley, Paige Clark, and Momma Stringham


Leandra said...

Aaron needs to do one too.

I'm not joking!

I tagged both of you, silly.

drewcoons said...

Friends is the best show ever... "When in rome"

Ashby said...

I didn't even see this.....I will plan this tag as my Monday post!!! Wahoo!