Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Friends and Old Ones

This past weekend we spent some time with new friends and old friends, which, I have concluded, is pretty awesome for the soul (who needs chicken soup).

We had a Park BBQ with the Kennedy's, which if you are translating that into Barnard language it means: this is as close to camping as we ever get.

We brought some meat, charcoal, and sides and fired up the grills at the park. Despite it being June in Texas, we got some amazing weather which allowed us to be outside without melting to death. While the men prepared the meat, the kiddos played, and Amanda and I swapped birth stories (I'm loving me some birth stories right now). 
Amanda- I know you're thrilled I took this picture of you.
After stuffing our faces we enticed the kiddos to hang around and help make s'mores. Grace was down as long as chocolate and marshmallows could be eaten anytime she desired.
And, boy, did those s'mores exceed expectations. Holy yumminess. Does this picture make you tear up with joy? It should, that sucker was delicious.
We're hoping the weather cooperates more so we can have more "camping" dinners in the future. All are welcome, and there will be s'mores.

On Sunday we were reunited with some of our favorite people. Way back in college, when Aaron and I were in school we spent many a night with James and Tayci. Young and poor we shared lots of meals over tupperware tables. And by meals, I mean, Totinos pizzas. And we spent many late nights playing games and hanging out. Four years later we found ourselves, once again, living in the same place. They came out to Dallas for a brief 10 week internship, and we jumped on the opportunity to hang out and relive the glory days.

Since the last time we saw each other we have added enough kids to the mix to warrant a "kids table." Noah and Grace are about 3 months apart and hit it off big time.
We were also able to meet 6 week old Miles, who definitely filled the we-really-want-to-hold-newborns-right-now void. After trying a few different positions, and Miles not digging any of them, Aaron found a sweet spot. Don't let his concerned face fool you, Miles was out in seconds in this position. We all got a good laugh out of it. Look at those arm rolls, aren't they heavenly?
It wasn't long before I had to get my hands on that babe. It was a little awkward to hold him standing up.
 So we opted for a seated/laying down position. Miles giving Baby Barnard some lovin'.
We have come a long way since college. We went from this:
To this. Although I'm not sure we have matured all that much...
We are desperately hoping that the Partridge's choose to come back to Dallas once James is done with school. Until then, we'll take them for 10 weeks.


The Miguel Family said...

Connection! James and Tayci and in our ward. Fun times .

Lauren {love lulu} said...

I know Tayci and James too! I knew Tayci in Heidelberg! I hope they're liking it here in Texas :)