Monday, January 25, 2010

Life as I Know It

I had all these random pictures and ideas of things that I wanted to post. I didn't want to write 27 semi-interesting blog posts, so I decided to throw them all together. I had no idea how I was going to relate the pictures to one another, but once they were all uploaded I realized that these pictures show what my life is like as a Mom. So here you go, my day to day life in pictures.

Posing before church
Getting help sorting the laundry
And watching G-money get a huge kick out of it
Feeding time... and attitude. 4 months going on 14?
Gracie playing with her feet during changing time
Attempting to send pictures to Aaron while he is at work
Spending time on the computer only to realize that Grace is trying to escape from her Bumbo
Play time and moments that make you laugh
Taking a "pool day" by getting in our swim suits and hopping in the tub
Loving the water
Realizing that the bumbo isn't the only thing Grace will try to escape from
I'm loving the fact that I get to spend my days with Grace. Its hard, frustrating, entertaining, and wonderful all at the same time.


Diana said...

So many of these pictures crack me up, Ella used to do the exact same thing in her bouncer AND Bumbo, too funny. And don't even get me started on that picture of the girls together, I think that Ella might drive me crazy with her attitude, glad to see in that 3rd picture that Gracie will most likely follow suit. Love it!

Tiffany said...

She is getting so big! So big and getting into trouble trying to get out! I Love it!!! And I love her side smile.

Mema of 5 said...

She is a little Houdini! I can't believe how much closer in size she is to Ella now than when she was first born. Please give her a squeeze from her Mema.

Angela and Mike said...

Too cute. I love the pictures, especially Grace getting out of the bumbo! haha. You are right, being a mom is great, exhausting, stressful, frustrating, and wonderful all at the same time.

Fun pool day in the tub!

The Coons Family said...

LOVE the pictures. Too cute!!!

Ashby said...

I love the one of her trying to escape her Bumbo seat! Those are so funny!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

You match in your Sunday picture! I try to do that sometimes, too. It's just fun. :) Miss Gracie does appear to be sprouting an attitude and is becoming a pretty good escape artist. I love it! Did you ever think you would have to do so much laundry in a day/week? You're smart to feed her in such an easy-to-clean way-- that at least keeps the laundry at bay. Good mama-ing, Kara! You and Gracie are adorable.

Leandra said...

I love the use of the Bumbo.... :)

Shannon said...

Awe, all of these pictures are so cute. My favs: 4 mos. going on 14, and her and Ella posing. They are going to be good little buds. Life as you know it looks pretty darn awesome :). And I've loved all of your comments--thank you so much for them. I can feel the love, and I love it!

Kristina said...

I love the attitude face. You're going to have fun when she's a teenager :)

A Close Family said...

I know what you mean by that last can feel every range of emotion within an hour time span....but it's all so wonderful:)! Love the attitude! She is getting SO big! Are you guys ever coming to Utah? You have to let me know if you are cause I'd love to see you and catch up. Hope you're doing good!