Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going Vintage and Hawaiian

I get more and more excited about having a girl as the days go on, not that i wasn't excited before, but you know what i mean. My mom sent me one of the coolest packages. She had saved her favorite outfits of mine when i was a baby and when she found out i was having a girl she packed them up and sent them to me. To each of the items she pinned an explanation of the outfit and what size it was. I was the coolest experience to look at all these little outfits and think that i actually was small enough to fit in them and in a few months i'll have my own little girl that i'll be able to dress in them.
My in-laws went to Hawaii for spring break and they had told us that there was a package in the mail. I was secretly hoping it was something for the baby, because her stuff tends to be cuter than adult stuff, and lo and behold this beautiful little dress arrived.Getting mail has never been this much fun.


Jamie said...

i love the little hawaiian outfit! too cute! and how sweet of your mom to send you all those outfits. i have a dress like that light pink one for sadie {but it's an aqua color}, i think it is such a darling look!

Kinzie Sue said...

What a great idea to save some of your old outfits! We had a few of mine, Kiera never wore them, except for my blessing dress. We also had an outfit from Hawaii that looked almost exactly like that except it was blue with yellow flowers. Your little girl is going to be so well dressed!! Can't wait!