Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Broken Phone

My phone broke yesterday afternoon, the buttons completely stopped working. I took it to the sprint store and they pretty much told me that my phone is defective and that i need to buy a new one for 120 dollars (and unfortunately for me my warranty ended last month). I'm phoneless and feel very weird about it. I know there have been people who have called my phone but i have no way of seeing who called, so to those people i'm really sorry!! Hopefully we'll be able to get things figured out soon. Thanks for your patience, and sorry again.


Rachel said...

I hate that. Just today we took our vacuum to the shot and they said that for the price to fix it we may as well buy a new vacuum. It just so happens that our warranty just barely ended. How do these companies do that! SO rude.

Rachel said...

P.S. that sucks, sorry to hear!Obviously I am still a little angry about our vacuum...it's like they have a timer for when the warranty goes out. It is way weird without a phone though!

Mema of 4 said...

Well, that would explain why you didn't text me back today. So sad....I hope you get it figured out before we blow into town. If not, you can use my phone while we are there!