Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mobile Me

I think the thing I love most about my phone is the picture taking. It's easy to take pictures, they look decent, it's easy to download them, and easy to text them to Aaron. Getting email on my phone along with Instagram and Facebook is pretty nice too. I'm pretty easy to please. All you tech savvy phone people don't judge me to harshly. 

Back to the picture taking. Sometimes it is nice not to lug my big camera around, and sometimes there are moments that pass in which retrieving said camera from it's "camera spot" would take more time than the moment would allow. So my phone camera is a perfect go to option. I find myself scrolling through my phone's photo library and laughing at the daily moments that are captured. The moments where nothing significant is really happening, but they are a great depiction of everyday life. Most of these moments are recorded and sent to Aaron with one liner's about what is going on or what Grace said. For example:

Grace, with baby doll in tow, sitting up close and personal. Who needs an IMAX theater, am I right?
After days of requesting Chick-fil-A for lunch, Grace's needs were satisfied. Perhaps her requesting this for lunch along with recognizing the building every time we drive by is an indication that we go to CFA a little too much...
Satin gloves at Target were 50 cents. I definitely bought some for Grace. She thinks they have magical healing powers. She asks to rub my hands with her gloves on and then tells me "Now you're all better."
Sometimes we use our pictures to make Aaron jealous that he has to be working for the man. And yes, the pool is now being frequented by us. I'm hoping spring in Texas lasts just a little bit longer.

With Grace's new found love for sass and attitude, we have to be stealth in order to take pictures that don't have her hand blurring across the screen while she's whines and furrows her brow. The Funny Face is our current best option.
Outfit choice: Grace's idea. Dinner choice: Mine. Aaron was working late... Spongebob Mac and Cheese it was.

My 30 minute "Computer Time" alarm went off, I should probably be constructive and clean my apartment. But it was fun to take a walk down Mobile Me lane.


The Coons Family said...

I knew Grace and I were kindred spirits ... I mean do you know anyone else who loves satin gloves besides she and I? #bffinthepreexistence.

Rachel said...

LOVE the satin gloves and I adore Gracie's swimmy suit. I have recently been pondering the wonder of how phone cams are totally revolutionizing the way we can capture our daily moments since we most often grab the big camera for bigger outings and events. I love it as a way of documenting how we live our everyday lives that our kids will probably really love looking back on. I would love to see the daily moments of my parents when they were younger captured in more pictures, so I think it's a great way to add to documenting our family history.

P.S. I totally have a 30 minute timer for my computer time too, but I suck at adhering to it. Somehow I always find a way around it. Oh yeah, Sponge Bob mac and cheese happens to be the best mac and cheese there ever was. How do the shapes taste SO much better than the elbow macs?