Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nightmare on Golden State Street

Aaron and I attended the famous Jacobs Halloween party. This year you had to dress up as your worst nightmare.

Aaron's worst nightmare was becoming his high school self. Outfit includes letter jacket (yes he still has his) class ring, over-gelled hair, Abercrombie shirt, and an old hat.My worst nightmare was becoming a schlumpy mom. Outfit includes over-sized sweater tucked into some SERIOUS mom jeans (i'm pretty sure the zipper was 12 inches long, and the sides had elastic... it added a very nice touch), lack of make-up and hair styling, and tennis shoes.
Gracie's worst nightmare was a milk allergy. She just wore her halloween outfit and had a sign.
There were some fantastic outfits/nightmares at the party.
-Twilight being canceled
-Bald with a unibrow
-One guy had a sign with an explanation saying he was living his nightmare haha
-Jon and Kate
-A milkman with the knocked up Housewife
-The Dentist
-Spiders crawling all over you
and my all time favorite
-getting electrocuted (my friend Mel teased her hair beyond recognition and burned her shirt.. she won my vote for best costume.. i'll try to get a picture.)

There we a ton more outfits that i'm forgetting, but it was a fabulous night! Thanks Jacobs!


Mema of 5 said...

What a good idea!!!! I think Miss Grace should have won (if there was a contest) . She was definitely the cutest!

Christine said...

HA! I am totally there with your "worst nightmare"!!! I have always been afraid of the "Mom Jeans"...That was a good idea for the party! Stealing it for the future! :)

Lauren said...

Listen Kara, if Gracie happens to ever have a milk allergy it won't be the worst thing. Dane had one, but he totally outgrew it and I still nurse him to this day. I just had to be dairy free (really it was dairy limited) & today he is a strong, healthy 27 lb 10 oz 9 month old!!!
LOVED your costumes though....everytime I walk past Abercrombie its like high school nightmare all over again!!

Stephanie said...

Ha ha ha ha. I'm laughing so hard because I remember when Aaron used to dress like that! And the schlumpy mom?? What a great costume!!

Kyle and Melanie said...

Those jeans are seriously SICK. The elastic band...WOW! That's why I love them so much. You guys are so funny!

Diana said...

this is awesome, I love your frumpy jeans...some of the best I've seen!