Friday, November 21, 2008

The Results are In

Thanks to all of you who suggested books for me to read, i knew you would come through for me! I figured there might be some people out there who are looking for a good list of books to read so i thought i would share the results.

Erika suggested this little number: The Poisonwood Bible. She said it was slow at first but has a great finish.
Chelsea suggested any book written by Jodi Picoult, including: Ninteen Minutes, My Sisters Keeper, The Pact, Change of Heart, and Plain Truth.Kate suggested: Pride and Prejudice, and said that it puts Edward and Bella to shame (bold statement Kate!) We'll have to wait and see... Although i have seen the movie (the six hour version) and i LOVED it, so i'm thinking i'll like the book too. Kate also suggested: These Is My WordsJacque suggested Jane Eyre, which she said is along the same lines as Pride and Prejudice and there is an Edward in the book. I love Edwards. Last but not least, my mom suggested that i should go back and actually read the books that i did book reports on in middle school. To be honest mom, i actually thought about going back and actually reading them. Maybe then i can see how legit my B.S. was when i wrote those reports.

Thanks again for all your suggestions. I'm glad i now have a long list of books to read. For future reference if there are any books that you come across that you like, let me know. Happy Reading.

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Gooch Family said...

Oo These is My Words is really good. I read that one out loud to Dave as we drove to LA and back and we both loved it. Not going to lie, I bawled at points, but it was good and I'm not one to read about a western. You should sign up for Maybe people told you on your last post already, I didn't look.