Monday, November 10, 2008


I think that its safe to say that my sister Ashby is a crafty mastermind. Once she had Brooklyn she taught herself how to make bows. After a while she started to sell the bows. Now she has set up a website where she sells bows but also tutors anyone who wants to know, on how to make bows. She recently made bows that look like the Disney Princesses and a Minnie mouse bow, all out of ribbon. I think all of the craft talent that my family has is all with Ashby. Check out her bow website called Brooklyn's Bows, its definitely worth your while!

Update: I was just informed by my sister that there is a giveaway on her blog. She's giving away two minnie mouse bows, a tinkerbell bow, and an expandable bow headband. Not to mention the fact that some of her friends have chipped in and are giving stuff away as well. All of it is free, you just have to give your name and email address in the comments section. She's also taking suggestions if people want to learn certain bow techniques. Enjoy! And i hope you win : ).


Amanda said...

so so cute- now i just need a little girl with lots of hair!

Krista said...

Wow! What a great site. Your sister is so talented and - what's even better - she's so generous to take the time to show people how they're made, even though there's very little in it for her. Very impressive! I especially love the Disney princess bows! They're so incredibly detailed!

I hope her business does very well. I'll be sure to spread the word!

p.s. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really appreciate your friendship and kind words. Take care!

Ashby said...

Thanks for the shout out Kara! Be sure to check this week and leave a comment! I'm doing a giveaway and there are tons of prizes! Tell all your friends to leave a comment too, even if they are just stopping by!