Monday, September 24, 2007

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary.

For most major holidays, Aaron and I decided to not do gifts for each other in order to save a little dough. Of course Aaron has somehow managed to get me gifts when these holidays come up, mainly because he is wonderful, but then I end up feeling bad because he didn't get anything from me. He always says its okay cause he isn't huge on holiday gifts and such, but the guilt is still there.

The other day, Aaron and i were cruising in the mall when we passed an iPod kiosk. Aaron has been talking about wanting his own iPod for awhile, mainly due to the fact that its the 21st century, and i think he's sick of borrowing mine. Ah, the opportunity to redeem myself from lacking unthoughtful wife, to caring considerate gift-giving wife. (Although it wasn't really a gift from me, since he bought it himself, i will still take some credit.) The next day, Aaron headed of to Costco, and bought an iPod nano.

Amazingly, this was supposed to be something to take Aaron's mind off of studying for a few hours, but it ended up being ridiculously frustrating trying to figure the ipod out. After hours of having the ipod freeze, itunes not work, and songs being erased. We both put our heads together and finally figured it all out.
So Aaron, since i didn't get you gifts... Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your iPod!

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Mema of 4 said...

Welcome to the 21st century Aaron! I bought Poppy an iPod Nano about 18 months ago. After we went to Chicago for big Carly's wedding (five months ago), Poppy couldn't find his nano and immediately blamed the maids at our hotel in Chicago (ever the blame stormer)for stealing it. This last Saturday, I found his Nano tucked safely in our desk drawer. Poppy was so excited to get it back but he had forgotten how to upload songs to it and then how to use it. So, we can totally relate to your frustration with your new toy. Kara--do you not have an iPod?