Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Adventure's First Stop

Now many of you Utah patrons have heard this phrase "Adventure's first stop," when hearing commercials for the Maverick gas station. I'm going to make a bold move (matt- Bold move ayers!) and say that Adventure's first stop is the Barnard household, mainly the Aaron and Kara section. Right now you are hearing crickets chirping and probably seeing a tumble weed roll by, why? you might ask, because i am lying to you. The Aaron and Kara stop, is adventure's LAST stop. But, we aren't complaining.

I felt bad not having posted for awhile, but i was waiting for something really exciting to happen. Or maybe i was waiting to take a picture of something so i could post it. (I mean seriously, who wants to see a post without a picture!) So i have decided to post a picture of my choosing, mainly because i like it.This is a picture of my sister Stacey and my nephew Taylor. If this picture doesn't make you laugh, i don't know what will. I mean seriously, Taylor is CRACKING up. It's definitely a favorite of mine.

Right now Aaron and I are both in school, and being stressed out by recruiting... it's a full time job that i am very good at. Once the recruiting process is over, things will settle down. Aaron is a good sport, and is keeping up with school while still doing all of the necessary recruiting stuff. I think he might wear a cape under his clothes.... that came out weird, i mean that he is like a super hero and can handle anything, not that he is a weirdo and thinks he's batman or something. Anyway, he's really good at handling all the different things on his plate right now, and we're both looking forward to seeing where we will end up next year.

School for me has been pretty interesting. We haven't been to class very much, but i'm starting to get a feel for what my teachers expect from me, and what i should expect from my classes. I was worried that this semester would be really difficult, but it turns out it might be more manageable than i thought. I have a professor that is like Brian Regan teaching Geology. It's awesome, i've never had a more entertaining professor. Other than that, life has been pretty normal, settling back into a routine and counting down the days til graduation!


Mema of 4 said...

Is it too late for you to change your major to English? Your writing is so hilarious. I love it. You write just like you think and talk. Very entertaining. I'm still laughing about the cape under his clothes comment. It's a visual image I can't seem to get out of my head. What super hero name shall we give Aaron? Accountant Man?

staceyscott80 said...

Kara you write the best blogs that always make me laugh! Thanks for making my day. I love the picture too, I haven't seen that pic before. It is so funny and what in the world is Taylor wearing?

Leandra said...



P.S. I think Erika, Chelsea and I and significant others may go to the state fair tomorrow evening... you interested?