Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Welcome to Brigham Young University. To every other college we make absolutely no sense. Maybe it's because we're the #1 rated college for being "Stone Cold Sober," and we're dang proud of it. Or maybe its because people go absolutely insane when any member of the Quorum of the twelve or first presidency arrive at BYU. Today i experienced the latter of the two.

I park my car at the Marriott Center (where the BYU basketball games are played.) Not only is it kind of far away from campus, but its also where the Tuesday devotionals are held. A small group of students attend these devotionals, where a teacher, or visiting lecturer will share some anecdote of information, for 45 minutes between 11:00am and 12:00 am. On special occasions we'll get an important member of the Church to come and speak.

Today the speaker was President Gordon B. Hinckley, Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and due to the fact that 99.9% of BYU students are LDS, sheer mayhem ensued. Don't get me wrong I would love to hear the Prophet speak, but when 4 million people in the area are planning on going, i can just catch it on TV.

Think of a really popular band coming to play in your area. People camp out to get good tickets, there is a rush for the door. Now apply that to 30,000 LDS students, and you have this devotional. Minus the screaming, add a little reverence. Unfortunately, i parked my car and was walking to class when the devotional let out. I'm not exaggerating, it was worse than leaving a football game. Bumper to bumper traffic, not of cars but of MASSES of people. There were students crossing the street when cars had the green light, but the cars couldn't go because they would have run over 75 people in the process. It doesn't matter that they just heard the prophet speak, they're going to break the law. Way to go guys! haha.

I wish i had brought my camera because describing the scene i saw today doesn't do it justice. Every sidewalk even on campus was packed with people getting back to their classes. There were spots where no one was moving at all because of the traffic. I opted to walk on the grass, and stomped all over nature so i wouldn't be late to class. To make matters worse, they were giving out free hot dogs and drinks to all the students. Devotional+free food= hoards of hungry students who are making the other traffic worse.

Anyway, since i don't have any pictures to post of the madness of BYU devotional, i have some pictures from an intermural flag football game that we went to with some friends of ours:

The game, which included a guy who look exactly like Joey Lawrence.. "WHOA!":

Me and Aaron, looking sexy as always:

Me and Aimee (the wife of the guy whose football game we were watching... did that sentence make any sense?)

Ben and his son Joseph, the most mellow baby in the entire world.


Leandra said...

All I can say is "AMEN" to this post.

Now, all you have to add to this "Impossible way of going anywhere due to people traffic" mayhem is the fact that I have a rolly backpack....

I opted to roll out on the grass.

I'm sorry we missed the Stromberg FHE. If it makes you feel any better, I just worked on my Resume the whole time.

Ashby said...

Thanks for the laugh....I needed that tonight because I just looked at our budget for September and basically....we're screwed. We have no money, we're making no money, and it seems to be flying out of our pockets faster than we can stuff it back in - thanks Law School! (**said just like the Glamour commercials....lol!) Anywho....great post, don't miss the devotinal madness, but miss you guys!

Jamie Smith said...

Kara! It is so funny that you wrote that because Rod swears that he has never seen BYU as crowded as it is this year. He says it is impossible to walk anywhere between 10 and 2. And I was driving after the devotional on Tuesday as well. I was amazed that girls could walk so slow in the middle of the road when a pregnant woman was driving and really had to get to a bathroom! :)

Chelsea said...

I love your team Edward banner. Ah, Edward. He is so hot.