Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pyelonephritis- Kidney Infection

This week has been an interesting one, I'll spare you the complete details and just give you a run down of what happened.

-Woke up in the middle of the night with back pain- chalked it up to a pulled muscle due to the fender bender the night before, or sitting funny in the hospital bed.
-Throughout the day my back feels just like I had pulled it, no cause for concern

-Back pain is gone!
-Get a fever while at work (achy/chills), roaring lower back pain
-Call doctor, talk to nurse who says that there is a 24 hour bug going around and to take tylenol, rest, and stay hydrated.
-From 2:30 to 6:30 temperature rises from 100.1 to 101.7. Call doctor again, she says that with the back pain and fever she thinks it might be a UTI (urinary tract infection).
-Side note: Last time we were at the hospital my urine was tested for a UTI and it came back negative.
-We didn't want to jump to conclusions and run to the hospital so we waited to see if we could get my fever to come down. Which it did (101.2). We also called our mom's and asked how bad fevers were for pregnant women.
-A friend in the ward came over to help Aaron give me a blessing
-At 8:30pm my fever spikes at 103.2
-8:31pm we leave for the hospital
-Admitted to the hospital: catheter test for UTI (which was so wonderful...), IV, tests for swine flu, and monitoring of the baby (who's heart was racing because mine was.. poor thing)
-The labs eventually come back- i have a kidney infection.

-2am receive antibiotics-- have an allergic reaction
-3:30am receive new antibiotics, and pain medication, sleep!
-5:30am wake up, throw up
-7:30am get moved out of Labor and Delivery.
-throw up
-monitor the baby (a lot)
-Aaron took this picture. I'm terribly swollen from the IV and antibiotics. -8:30pm my fever FINALLY breaks
-I felt funny and felt like i couldn't catch my breath
-Nurse semi freaks out contacts doctor (thinking the infection got into my lungs)
-8 different hospital staff members show up within 15 minutes
-Chest xray, more labs, EKG, oxygen nose thingy
-10pm things calm down Aaron and I get moved to a room with 2 beds so that Aaron can spend the night
-fever comes back

-2am IV busts and start to make my arm swell up. IV is switched to my other arm
-attempt to sleep-Going through cycles of fevers, getting medications, having my fevers break etc.
-More monitoring of the baby.
-Kidney Ultrasound -Getting an awesome surprise from my parents (thanks again!) -4pm My fever breaks FOR GOOD!!!
-More antibiotics, more baby monitoring
-We get to walk around the hospital

-More antibiotics, IV fluids
-Monitoring the baby
-More walking
-Really, really wanting to leave (we thought we were going to be able to leave on Thursday morning, boy were we wrong)
-The doctors come in and see how things are going and say i can be released on Saturday.

-More antibiotics and IVs
-Getting excited to go home
-Pack up our stuff
-Take a 20 minute nap
-11:30am The doctor comes and RELEASES me with a prescription!!!!

I never thought that a fever would turn into 4 days at hospital. Thank you to everyone for your calls and concerns! I have felt really blessed throughout this whole experience especially with the baby doing so well through it all. I don't think i'll ever treat a back ache the same way again : ) I'm excited to get back into the swing of things and so is Aaron! That was quite the experience.


Mema of 4 said...

Hey Kara--Thanks for posting (and for the shout out (you're welcome, btw)). We can see in your pictures how much better you felt by the time you went home. I'm sad that Aaron didn't get a picture of you with you swine flu mask on. PLEASE take it easy and guzzle water like it is your job. We love you!

Jillian said...

Kurra- I am so sorry! Kidney infections are the worst!! Next time you have symptoms will you please call me? I could have diagnosed you on day 1 of back pain and fever and gone to my pharmacy to get you some meds.

Glad you are feeling better and Baby Barnard is doing well...

P.S. any baby names yet???

Gooch Family said...

Are you kidding me!?! I'm so sorry! You have had quite the past few weeks with the car accident and now this. Glad to hear you are doing better, how scary, especially being pregnant. That car accident had to be so scary because of the baby. So glad everything is ok!

Diana said...

Kara, this is terrible. It's so out of nowhere and seriously, who would have thought that a fever and back pain would result in all that hospital goodness?!? PLEASE let me do something, anything, I want to feel useful, because I don't. I feel bad that I haven't been able to help out or anything. I am so glad that Baby Barnard is doing well, she's a trooper!

Diana said...

Oh and P.S. I am also glad that you are doing well too. . . you're such a trooper too. . .!!!!

Eric and Jessica said...

Oh no! That sounds so awful!! I'm sorry :( Hospitals are so yucky. I'm glad you are home and feeling better! I had kidney stones while I was pregnant...not awesome...hurt just as bad...if not worse than labor...mostly because the pain was constant and I didn't ever get a reprieve...

Julie said...

I'm all for home remedies, waiting things out and not panicking, unless you are pregnant and have a rising fever! I'm so glad you went to the hospital. The flowers your parents sent are beautiful. Love goes a long way towards healing.

Leandra said...


So sorry about the kidney infection! That totally stinks. Looks like you have more adventures to tell your lovely baby Barnard when she's older. :)

Feel better. Love you!


Amanda said...

ah! no fun!
i'm glad to hear you're all fixed and that your little girl was ok through it all... sounds like she's going to be as tough as her mom is :)
hopefully this marks the end of bumps in the road for your pregnancy!
feel better!

Jamie said...

what a week girl! you poor thing! hope you can bounce back quickley! take it easy! : )

Russell & Aimee said...

Oh dear!! Glad to hear you are feeling alright! What an adventure! Best wishes.

Tiffany said...

Poor Kara! You have had all these scary things happen that are probably freaking you out! I am so glad you are ok and baby barnard is ok too! Hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful! :)

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, Kara! I am so sorry that this happened, and I had no idea. I feel aweful! I am glad that you are home now and feeling better (you're feeling better, right?) What a crazy week you guys have had. And you just smile through it. Woman of steel, that's what you are. I'm so glad the babe is doing well, too. I hope Aaron is doing better, too. What an emotional roller coaster.

Anonymous said...

WOW. I am so glad that all is okay now.

Kinzie Sue said...

Holy cow! What an experience! I'm so glad that everything got fixed and that you and the baby are doing well! I'm sure Aaron is taking great care of you!

Chelsea said...

Whoa. That sounds like crap. Im glad you are better.

Anonymous said...

That would be so scary!! Glad your doing so much better!