Saturday, October 25, 2008


Aaron just took the Business section of his CPA exam today, so no more studying!! He has 3 sections down with one left to go. We won't find out if he passed this section for a few weeks, but at least for now he is taking a break from studying. I'm so glad to have him back!

Aaron also pointed out that i needed to make a correction to my last blog post. As you can see in the previous post i displayed the picture of "Wiley's" CPA study guide. Aaron said that Wiley's is for sissies and that i should change my picture to the Becker review, which is the review that he's actually using. Here you go sweetie, I'm proudly displaying the Becker picture for you.


Gooch Family said...

Yeaa! I know how you feel with that. That is how I felt when Dave was studying for the MCAT, however, I think I would take the studying he did for the MCAT anyday now to the hours he is studying for school right now, haha. You are SOO lucky he is through and can just work!! What a wonderful thing! That is far in my future.

The Clarks said...

Hey Kara! Thanks for your comment! I'm so sorry we missed you in California. But we are going there again for christmas - from the 19th, till Jan 3 or so - so will we somehow be able to see you guys?
Also, it looks like we have the same taste in books! I'm reading the Secret Life of Bees and have read all of Stephanie Meyers (sp?) books. My friend got me into the Scott Westerfield books "Uglies", "Pretties" and "Specials" yes, the names are gay and they are YA literature (; But after the Twighlight series, I couldnt' resist!
Let me know if you get into them!
Talk to you soon,

Diana said...

Yea for Aaron! Hopefully now he will be able to get some sleep and become sane, poor guy. Only 1 more section to go!

Mema of 4 said...

Boy, I'm glad you cleared that up for me. All this time I've thought that Aaron was a sissy for taking the "easy" exam. I'm so RELIEVED to know that he took the manly one. Tell him congrats for getting it checked off the list. One more to go?

grace & jonny said...

Can I tell you how much I love and miss you guys??? It seems like you've been gone so long! I hope you're loving California. Thanks for the note. My email is:
Love to hear from ya.

Rebecca Lowe said...

Congrats to your hubinator! So good to hear from you -- I'll admit, I've visited your blog many times before. It's just so addicting to blog surf! I'm glad to see everything is going well for you... Talk to you later!

Tiffany said...

I know I love that friends episode! I tried to find a clip of it but couldn't. Madison and Michael were just the names that went with the picture. How is California? Great weather? PRetty sunsents?