Monday, October 13, 2008

Matt's Visit!

Matt is currently moving from Eugene, Oregon back to Virginia and on his way home he decided to make a few pit stops, one of which was to San Jose. It was so much fun having him here. Even though he was only in the area for three days we made the most of it and there are lots of pictures to prove it.

Sunday: We went to church, had a very large brunch and we watched a lot of football. The boys were wonderful and did the dishes for me. Later that night i buzzed the boys hair. I felt very Mom-like.The new "do"Monday: Aaron headed off to work (it was the first day of his busy season, scary) and Matt and i headed up to San Francisco to see the sights. I was really excited because this is the first time that i have ever been to San Francisco. Our day began with a picnic in Alamo Square park, aka the park where the Tanner family (from Full House) has a picnic in their opening credits. Please feel free to start singing the theme song from Full House. We sang that song the ENTIRE day and it has been stuck in my head ever since.
We then Drove down Lombard Street on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. This street is nuts. Its the steepest hill i've ever driven down, and you come up to stop signs and you're at a 45 degree downward angle.
Driving across the Golden Gate bridgeA view of downtown San FranciscoA sailor statue at the lookout placeAfter the Golden gate bridge we headed down to Pier 39. We got to see the seals that all get together by the dock. The ones that were awake were really loud, and these suckers STANK. But it was really funny to watch them all hang out and sleep.Alcatraz I wanted to get on one of the trolleys and take a picture but we weren't sure what the deal was and why they were just sitting around, and we didn't want to pay to ride one, so i just snapped a picture of one.Tuesday: I went to work in the morning and when i was done Matt and i headed up to the Oakland Temple.Later that night we watched X-Men and Pirates of the Caribbean with RiffTracks. RiffTracks is a group of comedians that watch movies and make fun of them. They record their jokes and you can buy them and download them onto your itunes then watch the movie and listen to the track. Its hard to explain but it comes from the same people that did Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was hilarious and i highly recommend them! Matt and Aaron are enjoying the movie and witty banter. Wednesday: Matt packed up his things while i made a big breakfast for his send-off. I was really sad to see matt leave this morning, three days were definitely not long enough. Thanks for a great weekend matt!

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Mema of 4 said...

I'm so glad that Matt visited you and gave you a reason to finally blog again. Thanks for posting the pictures. You did a very good job on the boys' hair. Where did you learn? So, if you continue on this same time frame I should expect your next post on November 6th. Don' disappointment me!