Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pleasant Conversation

Today i called home to talk to my sister. When the phone picked up i could hear music in the background and an animated voice talking about Dora the Explorer. A few seconds passed by and i heard Carly say hello. I was caught off guard because whenever i call Carly never wants to talk to me on the phone. This girl cracks me up. We spent a good twenty minutes talking on the phone about halloween (she's going to be a black cat), Pumpkins (she sang me the 5 little pumpkins song.... i was impressed), what she does in kindergarten, what she likes to eat at the cafeteria, and the list goes on and on. How many five year olds talk that much on the phone? I loved it. The best part was when i asked to talked to my mom or my sister she sets the phone down and yells "Mema! Mom! Kara is here, does anybody want to talk to her?" My mom and sister both had no idea that i had called and thought that Carly had been talking to herself the whole time. My nieces and nephew are awesome, i love being an aunt.

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The Harrisons said...

Yay, finally found your blog! Cute, cute, cute!