Wednesday, June 26, 2013

March Marathon Post

Christian literally shopped until he dropped
We headed downtown to go the the Meadows Art Museum on SMU's campus, and grabbed some indian food before we went. Rodi Grill and Tikka masala always hit the spot.

 I love him
 Even when he's crying instead of sleeping
I love Grace's artistry. She always colors one area with multiple crayons which give everything a rainbow-esque vibe which I find fascinating. And the little guy on the left has a belly button in the middle and seems to be waving. I love it all.

 My boys
I think Aaron cried a little when I sent him this picture of Christian. He was the fairy princess in whatever imaginary world Grace was living in at the time. He didn't mind once he realized he couldn't pull the wings off.
Grace at Cosmic jump with friends.
I used to keep Grace's toys meticulously organized and would reorganize them daily. Later I realized that trying to keep on top of the toy organization was stressing me out and was pretty pointless when I knew Grace would be having friends over. So I adopted a policy that I'd let things slide for awhile and then reorganize when I had time for it. This particular time it had been awhile with a lot of different friends over. I think it took me about 2 and a half hours to reorganized everything.

After: Totally worth it. With a beautiful princess in the middle. 
Aaron had grown a beard, which I absolutely loved. I never considered myself much of a beard woman, but once Aaron grew his out, I became very attached to it. I kept trying to convince Aaron to keep it, and he would say "But it's my face." He finally shaved it, much to my chagrin, but he left a little something special before he went completely "facial hair free." He looked like Ned Flanders and I couldn't look at him without laughing. Thankfully that sucker only lasted for 24 hours.
Thanks to the scholarship program at the Y we were able to get really affordable gym passes. I have loved going and cycle is one of my favorite classes.
 Christian got tooth #2
 The boy knows how to relax
On another family outing we headed to the butterfly house in Dallas.

Butterflies were flying everywhere in this humid room. Not that you can see any of them in this picture, but they were there.
We had a little guide as to what butterflies we were looking at. I was surprised when I came across this one. If Mormons ever needed a mascot, I think this would be the guy for us. I'm just sayin', it's an idea worth considering.
 We walked the grounds outside for a little bit to cool down and let Grace get her energy out.
 I love her.

 Aaron fell asleep mid-scroll on his phone. 
 An unintentional rat-tail, because I'm unintentionally classy like that.
Grace was weepy and crying at the drop of a hat. Since she is in a phase where napping comes and goes depending on the day, I told her, "You're crying because you're tired." She promptly retorted with, "No I'm not!" and two minutes later she was asleep. Mom win.

 A pre-gym Grace photo
Christian has ridiculously amazing skills at blowing out his diapers. We finally had to up the size and get more sturdy diapers. Before then I was doing a ridiculous amount of laundry and bathing Christian multiple times a day. It was really annoying and we were running out of wipes and clothing at a rapid rate. The only perk was seeing this adorable tushie.

Aaron and I rented the Hobbit one weekend. After watching it, and enjoying it, we were trying to remember the similarities between it and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We were having a hard time remembering what was even in the other three movies so we decided to watch them. Unfortunately they are so long that we ended up going to bed at 1 in the morning or later for three nights in a row. We definitely felt super nerdy since it was worth it to us to stay up so late to watch them. It did not seem worth it, however, at 7am when Grace came busting into our room.

 I "mustache" you a there something on my face?


Rachel N said...

Yay for marathon posts!

Also, tell Aaron not to fret about Christian wearing wings. I dressed poor Frankie up basically on a daily basis (like dresses, shoes, lipstick and hair) and you know what it made him? A really secure man! ;)

Also also, I am also a (surprised) fan of The Beard. I love when Ryan has facial hair and always feel some bizarre separation anxiety when he shaves it off.

Kimber said...

<3 you. <3 your blog. <3 the wings picture. Xoxoxo

Diana said...

There are way too many gems in here for me to comment on all of them, love you and that family of yours! PS we are out of town but I will send the hat when we get back, I haven't forgotten!