Monday, May 13, 2013

That Grace

There has been a lot of talk about Christian, especially with the monthly posts. But what about that Grace?

Oh, that Grace. I love her. She is sweet and helpful and out of nowhere she can unleash her firecracker side which always keeps me on my toes (sometimes fortunately, sometimes very very unfortunately).
I had to take a picture of Aaron's pants so I could take them back to the dry cleaner (where we get our alternations done) to get them hemmed a little more. Grace had to be in on the action.
Speaking of our dry cleaner.... Grace loves that lady. Ever since we started going there (2 years ago) she had been giving Grace candy. Grace always walks in and before pleasantries are even exchanged she says, "Can I have some candy." Notice the lollipop in her mouth.
Grace loves Christian. Its been like that since Day 1. I keep waiting for that fact to change, but it hasn't. She loves him a lot. I never let Grace ride in the car-grocery-cart combo, mostly due to the fact that I know she would ask me every.single.time we go to the store if she could ride in it and I don't have the arm strength or the patience to push and navigate that thing every time. But on a rare trip to CVS I let her ride in the car. I had to plop Christian down in the seat with her since there was no baby seat. And despite this being the first time she got to drive the car, she was more than happy to have Christian sharing the moment with her.

She loves band-aids. Most kids do. But she is rarely seen without one. Unfortunately with her sensitive skin the bandaids give her a rash after a few days. I have tried to convince her to give up on the bandaids, but she is willing to power through that irritated skin just to wear them, especially if they are Barbie bandaids.
I was cutting up an apple to eat and a seed fell out. Grace, standing next to me, "Mom a seed! You plant that in the ground and a tree grows!" I would love to give myself a giant pat on the back for imparting wisdom on my three-year-old, but I didn't teach her the seed-to-tree concept, and I was floored. I'm assuming it must have been in a show she watched. She asked to have the seeds and we made our way downstairs so she could plant them in the ground. She checked on them everyday in the hopes of her apple tree growing.

I love the way she draws. The way that she draws people has progressed a lot since could first wielded a pencil. Her people now have bodies, and recently she has added fingers and toes. She made this little art piece for our neighbor who we both love.

I love this girl. I really really really do. She can give me a serious run for my money at times but she more than makes up for it with her sweet, caring, genuinely nice, and hysterical personality.

Grace, Gracie, The Gracers, That Grace, I love you babe. You are perfect for me and I am grateful for you every day.


Jack's Mama said...

She has grown so much!!

Diana said...

Oh how I love kid art! That Grace is a doll! I love to see her growing up although I wish we were closer and it could see it for myself! Love you guys!

Bill said...

Grace is one of a kind. Bold, shy, and giggly at the same time. Can't get enough of my Princess Grace.